Somewhere Unfamiliar

I woke up feeling the shadows' slithering away into thin air. I looked around to see black. Pitch-black, everywhere, with no light source or way of escaping. Or maybe I had already escpaed, and this was the real world. But then why was there no light? Maybe there was light, maybe there was an actual place, but I just couldn't see it. But that makes no sense. Then again, nothing seems to make sense here. Wherever "here" is. So that's it: I have no idea where I am. I could be in another world or another part of the one I was so used too.

I stood up and started to walk around, not scared at all, strangley. I walked in what I guessed was a straight line for what I guessed was about half an hour, when I decided to stop for a sit-down and rest. I rested on the hard ground for what felt like fifteen minutes, then stood up and continued walking.

I came to a halt when something happened with the ground - it went... crunchy. Yeah, as though I was stood on egg shells or cracking ice. My sandals were getting quite soggy so I guessed it was ice, but what was ice doing in the middle of nowhere? But, I'm not really in the middle of nowhere, I'm in an unknown place full of darkness.

I stepped up and put my foot down a couple of times to see if the "ice" could hold my weight. Apparently, it could. I walked a coule of metres when my foot suddenly went through a fragile part of the ground. I yelped into the black, my voice echoing around me. With a start, I fell through the open gap, with just enough time to see the shadows' morph into an evil grin as my body failed around.

Yet again, the world around me went black as my body went limp.

The End

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