Shadowlord chronicles:book one: A stray shadowlord (Solo)Mature

In orbit of Planet Kacian

Novron spun the ship into a barrel narrowly dodging a cluster of plasma bullets from the feds.  The small star explorers engines where whining from the stress of entering atmo and dodging enemy fire.  Novron ignored the ships protest as he brought a steady hand over a console of blinking lights turning them off, then pulling up on the control console. The ships whine got higher as it tried to level out still entering atmo travelling at unbelievably high velocity, the ship began to shake under the stress. The federation ships flew by him unable to manoeuvre their much bigger ships as fast as Novron's smaller craft. However the left thruster on Novron's ship burnt out from the strain sending him into a downwards spiral quickly gaining speed.

Novron kept calm in these dire circumstance not even much as mumble of anger was uttered from his mouth.  As the several ship systems started to die, Novron's hands were flying over the ships controls trying to divert some power to the left stabilizers to at least stop the spinning, which was not easy as the engines whined began to turn into a groan, and clunking.

"Alright try that out." Novron mumbled flicking the stabilizers. The ships spin came to halt, and Novron's urge to vomit began to fade. However the ship was now heading speedily towards Kacian's Orange soil.  The engines groans turned into a small bang signifying the engines had given out. The right thruster died and power turned off momentarily before a back up system turned on.  Novron could only direct the ship and try to brake using friction, however the feds weren't far off.  Straight ahead was a range of mountains that Novron could hide himself in if he could land safely, however his altitude was dropping quicker then the auxiliary instruments could show.  In any other direction was sprawling orange desert that would make a great landing but horrible for hiding from the feds. Novron chose to push for the mountains, in his carcass of a space craft with the feds hot on his tail.

"Just a little further." He patted the control console, pushing forwards to cause the energy field in the ships stabilizers to push forwards. 

The peak of the  mountains drew closer, as the feds got in firing range for the plasma bolts. The ships automated systems began to fire pressurized air to slow the velocity of the ship, but landing was still going to be rough.  Novron's ship managed to make it the face of the mountain range but a crash landing was imminent. Novron tilted the control console to match a an angle that would make the crash as soft as possible. As the ship hit up against the side of ravine the left wing flew off sharply to the opposite side exploding in flames. Novron's ship grinded across the wall painfully jumping over every small change in surface, spinning violently. Pieces of metal flew everywhere as sparks started small fires all across the mountains before his ship flew into a boulder shattering the front end.

In the cockpit Novron sat shaken up, and dazed but definitely still alive clambered out, wearing a torn space suit and carrying a small lazer knife, he began to stumble towards the rocks his left arm hanging limply and bleeding.

The End

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