Surrender or escape?Mature

Novron stood up holding the lazer loosely in hand.  One of the officers motioned with thier multi set rifle to drop the knife. Novron dropped the knife and kicked it away from him. The officer at his feet was struggling for breath and would be dead any moment, these officers were not going to be to pleased about their loss.

"Step forwards with your hands behind your back."The officer directly ahead of him barked.

Novron did as he told a the while staring at the clif face ahead of him. It had plenty of holds and plenty of spots to leap to if fire was making the task of climbing hard, but with his left arm this idea was out of reach. Judging by the insignia the feds were wearing they had a fighting rank of ten or 12. these feds weren't just average feds enforcing the laws on civil planets. These guys were professional cold blooded, killers if need be.  The officer walked up to Novron and forced him to kneel.

"Novron twelve, you have been found guilty of several accounts of assasination, heresy, defiance, and on top of that the death of an officer." The officer droned on. Novron paid little attention as he scrutinized his surroundings. It was true, Novron was a killer, and a good on at that. Not of all the things he had done were good, not all of them were nessesarily bad either.

eight officers in total including the one who was droning on, and on about his crimes against galactic empire, and its peoples.  All these officer had maximum fighting rank of 12 and probably highly trained in pursuit, but Novron felt he had more of a chance if he turned this situation in a hostage situation. Novron whipped his right arm up making the fed let go of his rifle, and within seconds Novron held the officers side arm to the back of his head. The officer behind Novron raised his rifle to fire but Novron was quicker and manueverd the officer in the way with his feet. 

"Well it was fun playing your little fed game but now its boring. So let say you give me the keys to craft and no one's brains will be were they shouldn't." Novron smiled. Walking towards the craft closest to him. The Feds complied as they through the keys over.

"What are you guys doing, shoot me if you have to!Don't let him get away!"

They fired striking thier captain in the legs, he yelped in pain, before Novron shot him through the head, grabbing the side of the ship he shot towards its cockpit the feds barely missed as he got in and started the engines and engaging the shields. Novron took off but his escape was short lived as the planet below the ship began to shake and sky began to turn black, as if the planet was being sealed in by somethign huge.  The electronics began to fail, the feeling of weightlessness came, and Novron remembered no more.


When Novron woke he was laying beside a crumpled fed ship in a green field, the sky up above was a deep blue tainted slightly with red. What happened where were the feds? Why was he not on planet Kacian?  He stood up and surveyed the fed ship for a weapon or anything that could come handy.  However nothing could be taken from the outside of the craft and getting inside was impossible especially since the electronics refused to work at all. Nothing seemed to work at all.Novron gave up and decided to look for civilization of some sort, but as he began to walk the sky began to turn red as a huge holographic figure appeared.

"Welcome all to my world! Yes I know you have many questions, and yes I brought you here, and no today your precious technology won't work. I am Kael, and here I'm a god, if I wanted I could make you all die, or if I wanted I could change the laws of physics. I can give you powers, or I can put you at a disadvantage, I can the terrain. Getting the idea? I would hope so by now! No this is not a computer program this is my reality, and if you want to get back to your own reality your going have to pass every challenge I throw at you, and survive. Oh and if you die here your dead anywhere else. Alright now thats done with let me tell you why your here. This is sort of like what you humans would call a gladiator tournament. But on a whole different scale. The planet is your arena and at times I will change laws of physics, or I will grant you strength. and I have no problem favouring any particular group or one person, or disliking. Now one last thing on your wrist a device will appear, this will keep track of the number of people still alive, how many you have killed, will even tell you how many your oppenent has. It will also tell the laws of physics I have given on that day and it will also tell you your  openent's skill. Now let the tournament begin!"

The End

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