A MistakeMature

A vile hum of the fed ships groaned overhead as Novron ducked into a narrow fissure in the rocky mountainside. He had to squeeze to fit inside the recess, the pain was excruciating as his injured arm scraped against the rock. The feds were descending onto the mountain, their advanced ships contouring to the gradient before silently landing. Novron peered out of the recess, his heartbeat quickening.

Several federation officers emerged from the ships and began surveying the wrecked star explorer, while a few ventured over to where Novron was hiding. He tensed up and firmly gripped the lazer knife. A few officers passed the fissure however one was intrigued and fell back to examine it more closely. Novron tried to push himself further into the recess but the space became far too narrow. Feeling defeated, he waited motionless in the shadows.

The officer came closer and produced a bright light from his hand. He pointed the beam toward the fissure, illuminating the space and Novron pressed inside. There was a brief exchange of stares before Novron lunged out of the recess, knocking the fed onto the ground and embedding the lazer knife into the fed's chest. Novron leapt back in surprise of himself as the officer lay sputtering.

"He's over here," croaked the fed. Novron knew that escape was effectively impossible now.

The End

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