Someone being eaten alive. MUHAHAHAHA



Her face twisted in agony as her trapped arm was pried backwards far beyond its limit; the bones groaned and as the creature’s jaws began to sever her arm from her torso. A bone shattering crack and a savage scream erupted from the creature’s maw; its massive claws dug deeper into her back, pinning her tighter against the floor. A grotesque, blood curdeling scream rolled cleanly over her tongue, escaping her lips, into the open air as she saw her blood beginning to seep onto the white linoleum. The boy stood motionless as her screams filled his ears. Her pale and bloodied face pleaded with him, “HELP ME!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!” Wide eyed the boy didn’t move. The creature bent down grabbing her upper body within its jaws; its teeth deeply penetrated her chest, causing such an unimaginable pain that her body began to flail wildly.


The creature’s claws descended further into her back and then she was lifted inches off the ground. From the left side of the creature’s neck the boy watched as muscles
began to contract, slithering beneath its black, leathery skin. Deeper the creature sank its claws, far enough that you could see the tips protruding through her stomach. With a slight grunt it snapped its head in the opposite direction tearing her completely in half. Blood spattered across the wall and began to flood the floor as her intestines began to fall out. Some of it caught between shattered bones stringing the two halves together. The boy took a staggered step backwards as the stream of blood began to encircle his shoes. Her separated legs resumed kicking wildly as her upper body twitched: the life poured out with the massive amount of blood. Her dying eyes began to cry and in between the choking of her own blood she whispered


The creature dropped the upper half and it landed with a wet and sickening slap. The lower half slid cleanly off of the claws in the same manner. A lifeless corpse was gorged upon and the boy stood paralyzed to witness it all. He watched as his only hope for survival was literally consumed.

The End

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