Chapter 13 - Drop Point 1

When you get the feeling you've only got 18 hours to live, you start to think quite a lot. It also goes by very quickly.

The fight went by without anything of note occurring. There was a brief scare when the alerts started blinking and an alarm sounded, but it was just a warning to vent the excess heat from the engines.

"Phoenix, you awake?" Whispered Avery from the back of the cabin. She'd evidently gone down there to rest while I was asleep.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"I just waned to apologise for the way I've been acting recently. I'm just not very good at adjusting to someone new. This squad is like my family."

Certainly not what I was expecting.

"I can understand that, I suppose."

"You can't, but thanks for trying."

"I thought you were going to stop being flippant with me?"

"I'm not, I'm just telling you that you don't, and probably never will, understand what we've all been through together. And so I'm probably never going to treat you the same way I treat Walsh and the LT."


And with that she simply stopped talking. After a few minutes her breathing became steady and regular, and she dropped off to sleep.

I must have fallen asleep shortly after because the next thing I knew I was being called by Walsh. I could hear the wind howling all around the craft, but not the hum of the engines.

"We're at drop point one, Private. I've uploaded the co-ordinates and directions to your suit..." He stopped himself, shook his head, then continued. "Private, I want you to know that even though you've only been under my command for a short time, I think you're a good guy. Keep your head down, and we'll all walk out of this alive."

It seems both of them were expecting me to die. How nice.

"Aye aye, Sergeant."

"Look sharp, Private. I'll see you on the other side."

The back hatch slid open with a hiss and suddenly the roaring sound of the wind and a flurry of snowflakes entered the cabin. Outside, I could see nothing but a white expanse of the cold stuff, stretching right the way to the horizon which was slightly darker.

I stepped out 



The End

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