Chapter IMature

"Hey, wait up!", my voice sounds choked up, my breathing ragged.

"C'mon Kira, we're going to be late.", Nadia rolls her eyes at me and flips her wavy, brown hair over her shoulder.

Since my grandparents died in a fire that burnt down our house, Nadia and I made a pact to be there for each other. Her parents took me in for a few months and after my graduation I've found myself a job in a bookstore and got accepted to a college we both wanted to go to. And now we've moved in together and are late for a first day.

"Jesus, Nadia. I can't run anymore.", I bend down and put my palms on my thighs, breathing heavily.

"Oh, you're such a party breaker!", her hands are on her hips as she taps her foot impatiently at the ground.

"Easy for you to say!", I raise my gaze to look at her. "You're tall, so you have longer legs and take bigger steps."

It's true. I've always been petite and short, as for her... Well, let's just say she looks like a model, with perfect curves and tall, lean body. Wherever we went, heads were turning after her, girls included.

"It's not my fault you're a midget!", she pouts, then takes a few big steps in my way, her heels sounding off the concrete. She grabs my upper arm and leaves me no choice then to follow her when she pulls me.

. . .


I push the doors open and I hear a familiar chimes sound above me. Bookstore is my quiet place. It's my haven from the outside world. There's almost no one here, since everyone is now into e-books. Everyone seemed to have forgotten that feeling of a real book in your hands. My love for the written word began when I was little and my grandma used to read me Grimm's fairytales.

I get over to the wooden counter few steps in front of me and put my messenger bag on it. I sat behind it and opened the book I left there, continuing where I left off.

Midway through the sentence I heard the chimes and closed the book instantly, getting up off the chair.

I rose my gaze toward the door and my mouth fell open. In front of me stood a Greek God. The boy was in his late twenties, his tall, lean body sculpted just right. His broad shoulders visibly muscular under his black, leather jacket. His long, thin fingers went through his blood, dark red hair. I felt tingles all over my body and butterflies went crazy inside my stomach. His gaze met mine, and just then did I notice that his eyes were fire red color. That kind of contact lenses must've cost him a lot.

"Proud of my broken heart since thou didst break it, Proud of the pain I did not feel since thee" What?! This guy is quoting Emily Dickinson's poem.

I stare at him, blinking my eyes a few times. Finally I find my voice and it's muffled and quiet.

"Thirty five, of Dickinson's Part three: Love", I say shocked.

He nods once and closes his eyes for a moment, processing a thought.

"You know your books...Miss?!", the end of the sentence came out higher so I knew he wanted to know my name.

"Kira.", I answered, my eyes opened wide and my body still. I realized how I must've looked like when he smirked at me. God he's so hot! I closed my eyes and shook my thoughts away. "Do-Do you need me?"

WHAT?! Kira, shut up! God!

I blushed when he grinned and my gaze fell onto the counter.

"Bad choice of words, miss Kira.", he sounded like he was suppressing a laugh.

"I meant, do you need my help with the books?", I sounded like a little child. So sheepish.

"Oh, no miss. I am quite capable of choosing it by myself.", his voice was stiff with traces of anger. Shoot! What did I say?!

He looks at me over his shoulder, while he's headed toward the fiction section. He raised the corner of his lips and my cheeks went hot.

"I could recommend you something...", I sounded so desperate. God! I started playing with my fingers, when the nervousness crept in.

"I doubt it.", he answered behind one of the bookshelves, tracing his index fingers over the books.

I pouted my lips and the butterflies fell down, dead. He's so freaking egocentric! Why doesn't he believe that I could find him a good book to read?!

"I've read them all.", he answers to my unspoken question and I frown.

"You couldn't have possibly-"

"Believe me hunz, I did.", he cuts me off, his head poking behind a shelf.

Did he just call me "hunz"?! Is that even a real word?

He smirks at something, looking at the books.

"Would you mind telling me why are you here, then?!", I put my hands on my hips, mimicking Nadia, even though I am convinced I don't look nothing like her.

He comes out from behind the shelves, and his lips curl slightly up. He stares at me for a few moments making me really uncomfortable, and making it hard to focus on pouting while holding an irritated expression.

"I was actually looking for you.", his lips curl even higher, but the smile is devilish.

My heart sinks deeper in my chest. I hold my breath as my eyes widen in shock. What?

He picks up my shock and grins broadly at me.

"W-what?!", I stutter out like a whisper.

The grin doesn't leave his face. He lowers his head a bit, so he's looking at me under his dark, thick lashes. Damn, he looks so hot!

"I've bought this bookstore the other day and saw you exiting it, so I thought to drop by and get to know my employers better.", he raised his brows.

Employers?! He bought it?!

I just stand there, my mouth wide open. I couldn't move or find the right words.

"I guess I'll see you around.", the grin leaves his face and there's just the corner of his lips tilted up.

He takes few steps back, his gaze not leaving me. God, Kira! Say something!

Before I could even think about it, my hand instinctively raises up and I wave manically.

What?! I frown and put my hand down instantly, but it's too late. He started laughing and turned around, exiting, just as Nadia came into my view behind the door.

"'Till the next time, hunz!", he shouts raising his hand, his back at me.

Nadia stops at the door, looking at him and smiling.

"Well, hello there!", his voice is playful as he eyes her. Of course! Everyone likes Nadia.

She flips her curls and giggles. Wow! He even makes Nadia swoon.

"I know you.", she grins at him.

He raises his eyebrow. "Well, that's unfortunate."

Nadia pushes next to him, inside. And I feel relief as she stares blankly at him, like I did. Good! I'm not the only one.

She marches toward me, shaking her head in disbelief and frowning. Her palms found their way, hard, on the wooden surface of the counter.

"Do you have any idea who that was?", she hisses at me looking at me as if I'd lost my mind.

I shook my head, my eyes wide.

"That's Aidan Heffernan!", she shouts startling me.

She straightens up and tosses her waves behind her shoulders.

"He's filthy rich. Don't you ever read the tabloids?!", she frowns at me, and jumps to sit at the edge of the counter. Before I even had time to respond she rolls her eyes and continues. "Of course you don't! He's got like billion bucks, mansions everywhere, dozens of companies and now he's bought all the bookstores in the town."

She looks sideways at me. "And not to mention his good looks! He has a new girlfriend every day."

I frown at her and pout my lips.

"Well, he seems egocentric."

"As he should be!", she squints her eyes at me. Her expression changes into bored as she grabs my book and starts browsing through the pages. "So, what did he want anyway?"

I finally sit down and go through my black, long hair with my fingers.

"I don't know actually...", my voice trails off as I start thinking about it.

Nadia pouts her lips and frowns, still staring at the pages. I know her all too well, that I know she's just trying to look uninterested and didn't read even a word from it.

"Mhm...", she mumbles.

"He said he wanted to get to know his employers.", I say sounding disgusted, spitting out the last word.

She suddenly looks at me, narrows her eyes and just stares for a moment.

"What?!", I yell after awhile.

"Get to know.", she tests the words in her mouth. I nod, puzzled. "In what way?"

I frown shaking my head. "God, Nadia!"

Her eyes widen a bit.

"What?!", she tilts her head to the side. "Just asking!"

"He's not interested in me.", I shake the thought away, even though it would feel so great if he was. "I mean look at me!"

I never really found myself attractive. I was ordinary. Short, thin, long black hair and my eyes the only thing that's exquisite. They're light grey with reddish brown circle at the edge of my irises.

"True, true...", she responded, a smile touching her lips.

I hit her on the upper arm and she laughs.

"Just kidding, jeez!", she says through the laughter.

She stops laughing, but there's still a smile on her face.

"So, when are you off?", she asks playing with a strand of her hair.

I shrug and take my bag of the counter, going through it, looking for my phone.

"I guess I could leave earlier. It's not like I have many customers today.", I raise my hand and move it around, pointing at the emptiness of the store.

She jumps right off the counter and claps her hands, excited. "Great!", a grin forms on her face.

I look at her shocked. "Nadia!", I plead. "I'm really tired."

She waves her hand at me closing her eyes.

"No, no...", she starts seriously. "Don't give me that! I have an amazing day planned for us."

I roll my eyes and finally fish out my sidekick.

"It's Saturday, for God's sake. We're going out!", she nods to herself, pleased.

I type in the number of my boss and press my finger to the lips to silence her as I put the phone on my ear.

"Hello?", a raspy, deep voice comes out of the speaker.

"Hey, Joe. It's Kira. I was just wondering if I could leave earlier. Nobody's been in here since I came.", I lie, pressing my lips into a line, nervously expecting his answer.

Joe is an old man, grey hair and dark eyes that's always so grumpy. But for reasons unknown, he likes me, so he's always cutting me some slack. I can't say I don't take advantage of it sometimes.

"Yes, of course, Kira. Just be sure to lock up when you leave.", he sounds irritated, but to be honest he always does.

I nod as though he can see me. "I'll sure do. Thanks."

I hang up and look at Nadia who's waiting for an answer. She raises her eyebrows at me. "So?!"

"I'm free.", I roll my eyes at her as she pulls me up, off my chair and starts jumping up and down, smiling.

"We're going to have so much fun!", she whispers holding my wrists in her hands, her eyes looking wild.

I pick up my bag and fish out my keys from it. I follow ecstatic Nadia out the door, and lock it behind me.

. . .


We're finally at our apartment, and I'm carrying a bunch of shopping bags of which most aren't mine.

Of course Nadia wanted to go on a crazy shopping spree. And of course she had to go to every single store known to mankind and buy every single thing she laid her eyes on. Well, who could blame her? She has the money. Her parents are both doctors, dad a surgeon and mom a shrink and she has no limit on her credit card.

I struggle with the bags as I put my keys on a small wooden cupboard right next to the door. Nadia follows me in, but she looks like she was born with a talent to juggle multiple things in her hands. Go figure!

She's smiling like a little child on Christmas. She's so happy. I love that about her. She's always been the positive one, always looked on the bright side and every time I feel down she knows the way to cheer me up. Like when my grandparents died, early last year. She took me in and every single day spent her allowance on trips. She took me to Disneyland, to London, to Paris... Her excuse was that she wanted to go there again, but her parents didn't have time. I knew she was lying, but I didn't care. She took me to all these places until I stopped crying at night, until I stopped thinking about it.

She slams the door behind her with her high heel and dances her way into the kitchen. I follow her and put all the bags on the dining table. It's huge, but the bags take all the room. There's like thirty of them, and only three are mine.

"Let's see what we got ourselves.", she claps her hands and starts digging through one of them. I giggle at her and take my three bags down on the floor and sit on a kitchen chair next to them. I stare at her and she stops digging. She looks up at me.

"Aren't you going to look at them?", she looks hurt.

"I already saw them at the store. I don't need a second glance. I like them. That's why I bought them.", I put on a light reassuring smile.

"Fine!", she exclaims moving her hair behind her ears. "Be like that!"

I laugh at her and she starts digging again.

After she gone through all of her new stuff, there's an unbelievable mess on the table and she sits across me.

"Let me see that killer dress you bought.", she smiles at me and I know she's really excited about it, so I indulge her.

I reach for a brown shopping bag and take out a beautiful blue, sparkly dress. It's so tight, and when I tried it on my boobs looked larger and more exposed due to the V-neck cut.

I stand up holding it in front of me, in the air. Nadia claps her hands and squeals. "You're going to look so hot tonight!"

I roll my eyes at her and smile.

"Where are we going, anyway?", I ask folding the dress and putting it on the table.

"You'll see.", she says cryptically and winks at me as she gets up.

After she put away all the stuff and the bags, so joins me again in the kitchen. She's changed. She's in her pink sweatpants and a sleeveless black, tight shirt. Her makeup is gone too. She sits at the table, resting her head on her arm that she prompted up on her elbow. She looks so young and ordinary. I wish other people could see her like this. She's beautiful either way, but like this, she is the Nadia I know. My best friend.

She plays with a lock of her hair, suddenly lost in thoughts, as I stand over the stove, preparing a soup.

"You okay?", I ask stirring the soup.

She shakes the thoughts away, looks at me instantly and smiles. "All good, babe!"

I make a compassionate smile to cheer her up.

. . .

"Nadia, come on!", I am knocking manically at the bathroom door. "I need to pee!"

"A moment, jeez!", she shouts from the inside.

She's locked herself up in there, two hours ago so I had to get my makeup on in my room and get ready there. So, now I'm uncomfortably standing outside the bathroom, crossing my legs in this unbelievable tight blue dress and already feeling my legs hurt from these black high heels.

I ironed my hair, too but haven't had any inspiration whatsoever, as to what to do with it so I left it like that.

"Nadia!!!", I scream at her and my fist comes almost all the way to the door as she opens them.

"Jeez, chill! Will ya?", she raises her eyebrows at me and moves past me.

She looks like a goddess, as always. She's in a long, satin, red dress that ends just above her breasts. Her dark red lipstick is almost the same color as the dress and a thin black eyeliner is completing the look. She looks like she just stepped out of the 1920s.

When I came out of the bathroom, she was waiting for me, her arms crossed over her chest. She was impatiently tapping her shoe at the floor. She grabbed my upper arm, tugging me after her so hard I almost tripped. With one hand on me, and other on the black, small hand purse, she exited the apartment.

. . .


"It's getting a bit chilly, isn't it?", I asked, my breath coming out in smoke.

She was pacing so fast, her legs so elegantly touching the ground and never even close to tripping. I couldn't say the same for me. I wasn't born in high heels, as she seemed to be. My every step seemed so clumsy.

"Well, if you'd walk faster you'd get warm!", she snapped at me, looking in front of herself.

I just frowned and pouted my lips trying to keep up.

At last she stopped in front of a huge, white marble building. The doors were wide opened and huge, covered with dark leather. Above them was a neon blue sign that said "The Temple". A guy in a black suit, not much older then the two of us, stood at the door. There were sunglasses on his face, even though it was 9 PM.

I only realized my mouth was wide opened when I heard Nadia ask me : "You likey?"

I nodded and closed my mouth. I was still staring at the building. "Me likey!", I responded quietly, shocked.

Music was blaring from the inside. Some hip-hop and pop songs. Most of them were familiar. Then I noticed the line in front of us. God! We're never going to get in. Not today, anyway.

"C'mon babe!", she gripped my wrist and pulled me after her.

"What are you doing?", I hissed under my breath as she moved swiftly on the beginning of the line.

"Trust me.", she whispered back and suddenly put a grin on her face when the security guy looked at her.

"Hi, Tony!", she blinked, looking him underneath her lashes.

Oh! That's Tony! The same Tony she went out with two weeks ago and never called him again.

I almost giggle, but I suppress my laughter by coughing. The guy frowns at her.

"Nadia.", he says, his voice low.

"Hey!", someone yells from the middle of the line. "No cutting the line, bitch!"

Nadia narrows her eyes and flips her head around. "Screw you, you jerk!", she shouts. Then she looks as Tony again, her expression changing instantly.

She flips her hair over her shoulder and bites her lower lip. God, Nadia! You really have them wrapped around your finger.

"Why didn't you call me?", Tony hissed bending down slightly, closer to Nadia's face. He's gorgeous. His nose thin and sharp, his jaw line strong and his hair that beautiful platinum blonde color.

"I didn't have time for anything.", she looks away, playing with the lock of her hair. I know she's lying. "And I kind of lost your number..."

He straightens up, his face puzzled and then after a few moments he nods. "It's okay. Been busy myself, too."

Jeez! Is he that naive?!

"So..", Nadia flashes her lashes one more time and bites her lip again. "Can my friend and I come in?"

He smiles, and corners of his lips wrinkle. "Sure."

He moves the red rope that's stretched between two metal pillars, and just like that we're in.

"He's hot, by the way.", I shout at Nadia over the loud music, grabbing her under the arm.

She rolls her eyes not looking at me, but straight ahead. "I know" There's a trace of a smile on her lips.

"So, why on Earth would you leave him?", I squeeze her upper arm.

"I like to keep my choices open.", she finally smiles.

"Nadia, you whore!", I laugh and she shrugs, smiling.

We must've walked a few minutes through a dim hallway, when we finally entered the main room. Wow! Now I know why Nadia did the 20s look on herself. This club is elite. There are a dozen humongous chandeliers hanging from the high, high ceiling, lighting up the whole room. There's a line of huge windows looking the meadow behind it. Bartenders are all in pressed suits with a tie. Everyone here is so sophisticated, and yet it all seems to change when they step on the dance floor in the middle of the room. The people there are rubbing their bodies at each other, dancing in the rhythm of hip-hop music.

We head straight over to the glass bar where we order two glasses of Kamikaze cocktail. We sit on the while bar stools watching amused people on the dance floor.

"Well, well, well...", I hear a voice not far from me and turn my head to the right. Aidan, the same guy from the bookstore was standing a step away from me. His red hair messy, his tie undone, as well as the upper two buttons of his white shirt, and hanging on the both sides of his neck. He looks magnificent, his pale sculpted chest visible where his shirt is unbuttoned. He steps closer, his eyes burning through me. I want him!

"Isn't it miss Kira?! What brings you to my club?", he asks, the corner of his lips tilting up playfully.

"That would be me!", I hear Nadia next to me and from the corner of my eye see her palm up in the air.

"Good!", he says, not breaking the eye contact with me. I swallow, hard and stare at him.

"I didn't know this was your club, Mr. Heffernan.", I found my voice and it comes out teasing, and my eyebrow rises with it.

His eyebrow raises as to say "Is that so?" and he smirks at me "You did your homework Miss Kira."

His hand flies up in front of me and I take it, taking a quick glance at Nadia who claps her hands with a grin and shoos me off.

I follow him to the dance floor and his spins me around so that I'm standing in front of him, facing him. I feel my cheeks flush and his eyes lit up with that sexy kind of passion. His lips are slightly tilted up as he eyes my body and suddenly I feel the need to pull my dress lower, even though it already is way too short, revealing my thin legs.

"You look damn fine, hunz!", he whispers in my ear, leaning toward me. I blush again and my heart beats so fast that I think I'm going to have a heart attack.

All the people around us are dancing and I feel silly that we're just standing there, but then again he can do whatever he pleases. He own the place. God! He owns it. Some girl brushes accidentally at my shoulder, so I decide to move.

The only dance I know is swinging my hips and move my hands in the slow rhythm of the music, so I do it. It looks slutty, but I don't care. I used to do it all the time when I was dancing in my room and it kind of looked good in the mirror.

I finally decide to meet his gaze and he's smirking at me, eyeing me. And all of the sudden I feel his palms at my hips. My heart skips a beat as he moves me closer to him, my back touching his chest. But I don't stop moving my hips to the rhythm.

His head's at my shoulder and I feel his breath on my neck. I get chills all over and the feeling is like electricity with every breath that touches my skin. He dugs his fingers deeper into my hips.

"God, you are so sexy!", his voice is rasp and low as his breath touches my ear.

I shudder and my breaths get shallow.

I'm lost in the music and his touches. Every breath that touches me, so warm and inviting. My body is all electric pulses. It's like there's only me and him. Nobody else. Just us, moving like one on the dance floor.

I don't know how much time passes, but I'm sure we danced for at least an hour giving the pain that I feel all over my legs.

A girl, long brown hair and green eyes makes her way towards us. Her face all anger and disbelief. She's so pretty. Her dress is even shorter than mine, and just as tight. It's green like her eyes and it shows every curve on her body, and hell, she has them a lot.

She pushes me out of the way, I stumble at someone and almost fall down mouthing an excuse at that person. I stare at her, my eyes searching for Aidan's reaction, but he has none. He just looks annoyed, his mouth a straight line, his eyes narrowed at her.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!", she screams at him and pushes him in the chest with all her strength, but he just stumbles a step back and raises an eyebrow at her. The girl marches at him and take his black coat into her fists.

"Whoa!", he grabs her wrists and forcefully pushes her away, now vividly angry. "This is Armani!"

Her mouth falls open and she tries to recollect herself. At last she gives up. "Screw you, Aidan!"

As she marches off the dance floor Aidan shakes his head and looks at me. Wow! He so hot! He takes his fingers through his messy dark red hair and steps toward me.

He leans so his lips are touching my ear. "Come, we're going to find a place to sit down. This is the best part of the evening." He moves away so he could study my face and I nod, my expression puzzled.

We find ourselves in the VIP booth. It's just the two of us and I stare at him as he looks straight forward. We're on a kind of a platform few feet away from the dance floor. The table is of a white marble and round. We're sitting on a half circle sofa. Aidan pulls a pack of cigarettes from his inside pocket and for the first time since we sat there, looks at me. He hands it to me, but I shake my head.

"I don't smoke.", I say.

"Suit yourself.", he shrugs and I almost instantly wish I did. Something about him makes me want to be everything he likes. I want him! He takes the cigarette to his lips and lights it up with a gas lighter. The blue fire lit his face and his extraordinary red contacts. He takes the cigarette between his fingers and - God dammit! He is so unbelievably sexy!

He exhales and the smoke comes out in front of him in a form a white, thick mist.

"So...Aidan-", I test the word in my mouth. He closes his eyes and nods slowly. "Who was that girl?"

"I suppose one of the girls I slept with.", his tone is revealing none of the feelings I expected.

His words hit me, taking the breath out of my lungs. "You suppose?!", I raise my eyebrows, my eyes wide.

"Yes.", he nods and takes another smoke. "I lost count, so I don't really remember all of my lovers."

He leans back and his gaze burns into me as he studies my face.

"So have you ever been in love?", I ask testing the limits. "With any of them?"

He looks at me frowning, disgust easily read from his face expression.

"No, no hunz. I don't do love.", then he relaxes and smirks at me. "I do passion."

"So, no feelings towards any of them?", I'm confused.

He turns his head toward the dance floor.

"I don't believe in them.", he says matter-of-factly.

"You don't believe in feelings?", I say, sarcasm harsh in my voice tone. I raise an eyebrow.

"Not in the 'good ones' anyway", he sounds irritated.

I try not to push it, but curiousness got the best of me.

"In love?!", I sound startled.

"Not in love, no." His tone startles me. He sounds...angry?! Oh, no! Shut up, Kira! You've only met the guy, you're not going to be with him, let alone marry him so that's none of your concern.

"Don't fuss over it, hunz. I live in the moment and for the present, so I always try to do everything like it's going to be my last.", he looks sideways at me and his tone is playful again. Oh, thank God! He smirks.

"Now, enjoy the show!", he twitch his chin toward the dance floor just a second after the music stops. We both look at it at the same time. A part of the ceiling above the dance floor opens up and three huge, long pieces of silk or some similar material fall down.

Then I notice that at the middle of each one is a person, a girl to be exact. They are gymnasts. I saw this on TV once, on some talent show. And just as I saw it on TV, the girls dance around the fabric, twirling up and down oh, so elegant. Some pop ballad is playing and they follow it's melody perfectly.

I am beyond amazed as I glance at Aidan. He's staring at me, laid back in the sofa. The corner of his lips is tilted up and he's studying me.

"It's beautiful.", I mouth at him, afraid that if I spoke up I would disturb them, even though the music is so loud. He nods proudly.

Wow! He just so beautiful. He has that bad boy look, that messy, wonderful look.

I lean back next to him, so our arms are touching. I feel the electricity pass right through me. I see him follow my move from the corner of eye, but I pretend not to notice it.

"So you're name and last name are, what? Scottish? Irish? Where are you from?", I wait 'till I finish the question to turn my head at him.

He blinks at me and his eyebrows come together. "From down under.", he answers and I can feel his warm breath on my face. It smells like peppermint and dark chocolate. It's so inviting and makes me hazy. I feel the sudden, unbearable urge to kiss him. How can this guy make me feel like this?! My thoughts grip his answer. Australian?! He doesn't sound like one. His accent is pure American.

I don't look away, I stare at his eyes as he stares at mine. His clouded with thick, long black eyelashes. His jaw clenches and I get chills again. God, I want to kiss this man! I can't seem to see the edge of his lenses, and it only confirms my theory about how expensive they must be. I can't fight it anymore, so I lean in, very grateful that I got time to brush my teeth thoroughly.

Our lips touch, so gently. His lips are soft and smooth like silk. Before I even know it, his hand is under my jaw line and the other one which is touching mine moves quickly to my leg.

The kiss isn't gentle anymore, but I like it even more now. His hand moves from beneath my jaw line to the back side of my neck and his long fingers tangle into my hair, pulling me hard closer to him. His lips part and I feel the peppermint and chocolate so intensely as our tongues collide.

I find my hand wondering off to his neck, and now I take control, pulling him closer. A growl comes from deep within him and I feel myself attracted to this man by some invisible force.

In a second his hands wonder off to my legs, with such lightness he puts my leg over his lap and suddenly I find myself in his lap. I'm so glad I didn't borrow Nadia's lipstick when she was offering it to me, because I would look like shit right now. He was telling the truth, he does do everything with passion and quite frankly, I love it! I move away to catch my breath, panting and stare at him with mouth formed in "oh". My palms are on my legs and his over my hands. He's panting as hard as I am, so it makes me relax and not have the need to blush. The corner of his lips tilts up and he stares at me, deep in the eyes. It's like he's able to see my soul. I can no longer take it, so I lean in again, grabbing the back of his neck pulling him hard at me. His lips part instantly and his tongue passes over my upper lip. I feel his palms on my buttocks and his fingers dig deep into my flesh, over that thin dress and for once I'm grateful that the fabric's so thin. I can feel him all over me!

He gently grips my lower lip between his teeth and I let out a low moan. I feel him tensing under me as a response and he pulls me even closer to him, so that now I'm feeling his chest against mine. God, he tastes so good! Please don't make him ever stop.

"Sir!", a deep male voice surpasses the music and immediately responds to my thoughts. Aidan moves his hands to my face and pushes me away abruptly. I frown and pout my lips as he tilts his head slightly to see the man who's standing behind me. I see dissatisfaction on his face to and part of me wants to clap my hands the way Nadia always does. He liked it as much as I did!

"What?!", Aidan snaps at him, the tone of his voice harsh.

"I'm sorry Sir, but you said to remind you that we're closing earlier tonight.", the man's voice is apologetic.

"Shit!", Aidan breathes out pinching the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes shut. "What time is it?"

"Half past three, Sir." Shit!!! It's how much?! My eyes widen as I try to grip around the fact that Nadia and I came here around 9PM. I need to call her and tell her that I'm okay. God! She must be worried sick. I glance at Aidan and catch him staring at me.

"Okay, Turner. Thank you!", he says, his eyes not leaving mine.

"Sir!", I hear footsteps and just then I realize the music's gone. I have been so lured in by this man that I didn't even notice the world around me.

"Would you like to come back to my place for a drink?", he raises an eyebrow, and even though it sounds so sleazy and cliché I am tempted by the idea.

"Okay.", I find myself breathing out.

With a quick arm movement he moves me away from his lap and gets up. He wipes his mouth with his fingers, moves them through his dark red hair and smirks at me. He offers his hand. "Coming?"

I nod and take it.

. . .


We're out on the street. It's almost empty, except for a few drunks stumbling around. I'm still holding his hand as he leads me down the street. I know I should be scared of being with someone I just met and leaving with him in the middle of the night, but I'm not.

His fingers are interlaced with mine and fit perfectly together. And his hand. It's so warm! I'm trembling and my teeth are crashing into each other.

Aidan turns his head toward me. "You cold?"

I nod, smiling shyly.

He stops in place and roll his eyes. I look at him puzzled and then he starts taking his black coat off. He puts it around my shoulders and I smile at him gratefully.

We continue walking for another minute or so, when I catch a glimpse of a black Mercedes parked halfway into an alley.

"Come on.", he drags me behind him as his footsteps quicken. "That's my ride."

When I finally sit down in the passenger seat I don't dare to move. Don't dare to touch anything. Everything seems so expensive. Even if I did want to do something, it would be to turn on the radio and listen to some music, but there's an LCD touch screen and I'm used to old, familiar car radios.

He sits next to me and stares at me, frowning.

"What's wrong?", he asks, his hand on the steering wheel. I shake my head.

"Music?!", he adds reading my mind. His hand flies toward the touch screen and his fingers glide across it, touching it ever so lightly.

"I wanna, I wanna" by The All-American Rejects fills the car as he starts the ignition. I blush, my cheeks flaring up as I listen to the lyrics. Now I'm glad he's a careful driver and stares at the road.

"How did you became this rich?", I suddenly break the silence, my eyes glued to him.

"Let's just say a family friend left it all to me in his will.", he stares at the road, his face empty of any emotion.

My lips form an Oh! I shuffle in my seat nervously. I don't know this guy. And yet, I want him. I want to ask him so many things.

"Shoot!", he responds to my thoughts. I blink at him.

"What?", I whisper, puzzled. The corner of his lips tilts up again in that playful manner.

"I know you've got a lot of question and this moment is perfect for asking them. Carpe diem, hunz!"

"How much did that contact lenses cost you?", I stumble the words out quickly, having a trouble to form the questions.

He raises an eyebrow and his eyes widen a bit, looking surprised. "They're not lenses.", his voice doesn't hide his amusement.

"The red is my natural eye and hair color. And my name, Aidan, means born of fire.", his gaze is focused on the road.

I'm frowning and playing with my hands in my lap. He's lying! I know he is. You can't get that kind of color. It doesn't exist in the nature.

When I do finally gaze up, I find him frowning.

. . .


When we arrive in front of his manor, I only then realize how filthy rich he is. The gate is between two stone, white pillars on top of which are standing lions with their jaws wide opened in a silenced roar. The gate itself is metal and black with curvy lines depicting a rose bush and its thorns. But what's beyond the gate is truly breathtaking. Meadow, size of a small stadium, covered in green, English, neatly chopped, green grass. A dust covered road for cars, with lines of trees on each side of it. A pond or a small lake poking out in the distance, with a small waterfall splashing over it from the rocks nearby.

I gasp. Holy shit!

The house itself looks more like a castle/museum than the house where people actually live. Or a person, for that matter. It's enormous, three stories tall with large glass windows from ceiling to the floor.

"You call this "a place"?!", I snap at him, offended and shocked. His head turns around at me and he frowns as he tries to place my tone. "This is a palace!", I squeal leaning over the dashboard to take a better look.

"Sure, hunz. Come to my modest little place.", I say mimicking his deep voice and squint my eyes at him.

He looks puzzled at me and then bursts out laughing. I sit back, crossing my arms and pouting. He finds me funny?!

He calms down in a bit and smiles at me playfully, his hands on the wheel. "I never said it was modest."

He rolls down his window and presses the button on the interphone.

"Heffernan residence!", a crackling voice sounds out.

"It's me, George!", he says and instantly the gate starts to open.

He starts the car again. "Or little.", he grins, adding.

"Was that your butler?", I spit the last word out as it sounds really wrong and I always thought only the Queen of England has it and the people on TV. Aidan nods slightly.

"My butler, my cook, my maid, my security guard...", his voice trails off and he turns his head towards me for a second to wink at me. "George's all in one package."

As we come to stop at the front steps, he climbs out of the car to open my door and hold a hand out for me. I take it and he leads me up the stone steps.

"You live alone?", I breath out as I gape at the size of the place. It's even bigger on the inside.

"Yup!", he throws his keys on a big wooden table underneath some painting in a golden frame.

The hall alone is bigger than my entire apartment, with a big crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It looks like a small building because you can see all the floors from inside the hall. It's like a grand hallway with a round staircase leading up to all of the stories. It reminds me of the Grand Opera's hall. Wow! Just, wow!

I glance at Aidan and he's standing at my right, looking annoyed.

"Drink?!", he offers me a hand yet again. I take it.

His kitchen is just as glamorous as the rest of his property. It's a huge, fancy restaurant kind of kitchen with marble covered surfaces and black, last tech appliances. I am surely in heaven.

He let go off my hand and leans against the counter. Well, one of the many.

"Wine?!", he asks and I notice he's been serious since we entered the property.

I shake my head. "My stomach doesn't do wine or beer. Do you have something stronger?"

His eyes widen as his eyebrows rise in surprise.

"My, my Kira. You don't cease to amaze me!", he's back to his playful self and I feel relieved, but my cheeks flush red at his words.

He studies me for a moment then turns around and opens a cupboard right in front of him. He fetches an ordinary glass and walks over to me.

"Hold this.", he says, his eyes burning into me.

As he walks around to the other room and his footsteps become just an echo, I quickly put the glass on the counter next to me. God, my feet are hurting like hell! I bend over and take off my high heels, now standing barefoot on the cold wooden floor. I choose to take of his jacket too, because even though this house is humongous, it's so warm that I'm sure I won't need it anymore.

Aidan strolls back in a few moments later and stops in place when he glances at me. His eyebrow rises and he walks over to me. He's holding a Scottish whiskey, with some dark label I don't recognize.

"This is one of the best.", he raises it next to his face as he grins and then he pours it in my glass. I watch him carefully doing that.

"How old is it?", I ask and he looks up at me.

"Old enough to be very expensive.", he winks at me and raises his own glass. I didn't even notice he had one for himself. "Cheers, Kira!"

I smile and touch my glass with his. When he takes a sip, I notice the half of it is gone already. God! He can drink, alright! I satisfy myself with one third of it and he takes my hand.

He left the bottle in the kitchen and just brought the glass and a pack of cigarettes with him. The room next to the kitchen, where he took me, is a living room. It's so cozy and home like, that it makes you feel that someone actually has a family in here, unlike the rest of the house.

It's big and minimalistic. There's a big, brown fireplace between the two huge windows. The windows are a bit pressed into the wall, so you have a cozy little benches made of the windowsill. The fireplace is lit up by a warm, crackling fire and in front of it is a fuzzy, thick brown rug that covers the most of the floor. There's also a big, black leather sofa that's now pushed at the wall next to the door that leads to the kitchen.

Aidan lets go of my hand and sits on the rug leaning back on his hands.

"Are you just going to stand there or?", he tried to sound serious, but the amusement gave him away. I smiled shyly and joined him.

Heavens! It's so warm! I closed my eyes and inhale the smell of the burnt wood and the fire. I mimic Aidan, leaning back on my hands and feeling the soft fabric underneath my fingers.

"You live in heaven Mr. Heffernan!", I moan enjoying the warmth, still not opening my eyes.

"You couldn't be more wrong.", he laughs it off, but it does sound sincere, doesn't have any traces of humor in it.

The End

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