"Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is and saw Virtue in her shape how lovely: and pined his loss" - John Milton (Paradise Lost)

One. Two. Three heartbeats. It was like hearing a slow drum beat. African drums. Yes, that's how it sounded. Next I know my eyesight changed from seeing only darkness, to blurry and at the end to sharp. I was in this long corridor that had no doors anywhere, no windows, and not a single soul was there except me. Everything around me started to shake. I was in the middle of an earthquake but I couldn't move my body the way i wanted to. And when i gazed down to my legs to see what's the problem, I realized that they were moving. They were actually moving really fast. I was running. Running through this corridor without anywhere to run. I don't know from who or what I was running from. All I know is that I felt so anxious like never before in my life. Then at one second I noticed so far away at the very end of the corridor a bright light. A door. I started to feel nausious as my legs started working faster to get to that door. I heard a screaming noise behind me. Something between woman's scream and scratching the blackboard with your nails. It scared me right away, but I couldn't turn around to see what is it. And I was in a way glad for that. I was about to reach the door, I stratched out my hand so I could reach it when i get to it. And then I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me back into darkness…


„Kira!“, I started to hear someone say my name loudly „Wake up!“

I opened my eyes to someone's scream. It lasted for about 30 seconds, until I realized it was me who was producing that horrible sound.

I instinctively put my palm over my mouth and looked around the dark room.


Searching for someone.

„Bad dreams again?“, he asked gently.

There he was.

Sitting on the window in his dark blue sweatpants. He was holding cigarette in his left hand and the smoke from it was slowly drifting away in the night. His gaze was set on me. His red eyes almost shining in the dark.

I nodded trying to get a grip and shake that nightmare away.

But I couldn't. I've been trying to do that for past few years, and it's always the same dream. Well, almost the same. Darkness always tries and at the end succeeds to pull me into it.

And for that past couple of years I've been scared. Scared like never before in my life.

Scared of what would happen when the time comes. When every last one of my dreams becomes the truth. Real life. My life. And from my point of view my life is getting worse by the second. And because of me everyone I'll or anyone will ever meet is in danger.

That's why he's here.


He once explained to me that it means born of fire. The fire. His name

He has come to protect me from anyone who wants to hurt me for what I am. For what I'm going to become. And for that past couple of years, from the moment that my grandparents have died, he has been everything to me. And vice versa…

He shouldn't have fallen in love with me, but he did…right after I've fallen for him

I shook my head and got my fingers through my hair. He turned his gaze to the moon.

„It's full moon tonight, Kira. How are you feeling?“, he asked not moving his gaze away.

I tried to pull myself together. „Fine, i guess.“

He looked at me instantly. Frowning. He didn't believe me.

But it's ok. Neither did I.

I placed my feet on the floor and looked at him.

„Aidan.“, I said, like he was some sort of stranger that I met couple of minutes ago. „Can I hug you?“

His face became caring and concerned. He streched out his arms „Come here.“

He parted his legs so I can sit between them, my back turned to him, and my head reasting on his chest.

He hugged me with his right hand, and with the left one he was still holding a cigarette and smoking. His chin rested on the top of my head.

I was sobbing uncontrollably. I was trying so hard to stop,but I couldn't.

I feel so awful and scared.

„I know love, I know…“, I felt him press his lips on my hair,on the top of my head. „I'm here. I'll take care that nothing bad happens to you. I promise“

I was still sobbing, but it was getting better. Quieter.

I put my hand on the one he was using to hug me.

He took one smoke in and exhaled it slowly towards the moon.

The End

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