The investigation

"The whole damn town centre saw it happen and yet no one admits to knowing anything more than this man was alive one second, and...and..."

"...Mutilated the next" Dan interupted,looking at this feet, and thoughtfuly chewing his gum.

Police Seargant Green stared at him silently, troubled, and sighed.

"We're asking everyone at the scene that day to come forward for questioning. Everyone. We need to get our facts straight. What is it we DO know so far?"

"The deceased's name was Frank Catcher. He had a wife and two children. No criminal record. Had a good job as an accountant in the city.  As far as we know, he had no enemies.  No one who could pull this sh*t."

"Not someone...something, perhaps" Green mumbled, and trailed off, almost as if he hadn't said it conciously, to anyone but himself.

Dan felt his heart stop in his chest and a chill rise up the back of his legs, and crawl up his spine culminating in a shiver and a shake of his head. 

"Any evidence of anything suspicous at the crime scene?"

"Nothing" Green said. "Nothing. But, and this is what disturbs me. There were parts of his body forensics were unable to find.

"Like what , exactly?"

", his jaw..."


Green couldn't help a tired grin . "His two big toes"

There was a sudden knock on the Seargent's office which startled them both.  They spun round, coming face to face with the first witness, a youngish woman, who looked to be in her mid twenties. Blue eyes, blonde hair, and with an unlit cigarette trailing from her mouth.  She seemed odd, dressed in a black cardigan, when the weather had been so bright, and the suns heat so sharp.  Another office escorted her inside and she thanked him. Her gaze was low, and she was sporting a pair of sun glasses. She looked incredibly pale, as if she'd always lived in darkness.  Her red lips parted and her white teeth gleamed. She smiled, took the cigarette to her lips, and sruck a match, all in one fluid movement.

Dan cougthed. 'Damn cheek', he thought. 'I only quit Monday'. 

He had almost forgotten the fresh, recently brought pack of Malborough's he had picked up on his way to the station, his hands shaking as he held them, that now lay patiently under his desk.

She approached Dan with outstreched hand, said 'Afternoon officer', and blew a cloud of smoke into his weary face as she did so. Her eyes glimmered, and seemed to him like giant glaciers.  Her hand felt boney, and she gripped him tightly. She made him feel very uncomfortable."

The End

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