Don't Fear The Reaper

AAAHH!!”, Tommy screamed, waking up Ben and his mother. Sarah came to the bedroom, tucked both Tommy and Ben back to bed. “It’s okay sweetie. It was just a bad dream.” She kissed both kids good night. Poor boy, she thought watching Tommy go back to sleep again. Rachel had told her that he was having nightmares lately. The boy had a wild imagination – he must have gotten this from his father, she thought – and was scared easily.

“Don’t worry Tommy, nothing is going to happen”, Ben said to Tommy reassuringly. Although he was the same age, Ben was like a big brother to Tommy.

Tommy was her best friend Rachel’s son. He was also her son Ben’s best friend, and was staying over at their place for a few days while Rachel was off on a news assignment in her job as a reporter. No one knew where her husband, Tommy’s father was now. He was last described as delusional and was always up to some crazy theories of aliens, UFOs and all that mumbo-jumbo. Enough to drive one crazy. She felt sorry for Rachel who had to go through all this and raise Tommy by herself.

Tommy and Ben were both eight years old, and were in the same class. Watching them go to bed again, she switched off the light and headed back to her bedroom where her husband was snoring. Tommy’s scream didn’t have the slightest impact on him. He was a sound sleeper.

Thud…. thud…. thud” the faint noise of someone walking up the stairs startled Tommy. He wasn’t really asleep all along anyway.  

“Ben.. Ben..wake up, please. Someone is coming” Tommy shook an irritated, half-asleep Ben, waking him up from his sleep – again.

“Oh Tommy.. I’m telling you, it’s nothing. Go back to sleep”

 “No, listen..”

The “thud” got louder. “Tap” - the hallway switch was being turned on, and then “Tap” – off.

“Should we call your mum and dad?” Tommy was shivering with fright. Ben couldn’t hide his fear either.

“Shh…” it was too late. They had to stay quiet, and quickly ducked. Through their half open bedroom door, they could see a lanky shadowy hooded figure walk past their bedroom.

Tommy was pale white, shivering and whimpering. He looked like he would scream. The shadow was exactly what he saw in his dreams. Ben motioned him to stay quiet and covered his mouth.

“Wha..” muffled cries came from the next room.. “thack” – a slashing noise, and “thump”.

No..!!  God!!”, “Aaah!” “thack”…. “thump”.

Ben and Tommy knew it was something bad. Very bad. They were too frightened to move.  The shadow walked back, past their bedroom again. “thud .. thud..” and the noise got fainter and fainter until it finally stopped.

Mustering their courage, hand in hand, Ben and Tommy tip-toed out of the bedroom, and walked out to the next room.

AAAAHHH!!!” this was no nightmare. Ben joined Tommy and screamed, as he saw both his parents lying in a pool of blood, their throats slashed and eye balls popping out in a most grotesque manner.

The End

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