Island Groupies

    Everyone gathered around a beautiful display of fresh fruits and island delicacies and all the mixed drinks they could handle. There were Tiki torches and people were scantilly clad. It was quite a party. There was dancing and some wierd chanting that Olivia wasnt sure of Alicia was having a great time and she didnt care that all at once people seemed to just be so odd acting. The islanders were chanting and dancing and suddenly there was this horrible infiltrated the whole island. Olivia couldnt believe her eyes when she saw the figure approaching all the group.

It was a creature of mass proportion and it had the head of a bird. It was making a very loud screaming sound that made Olivias ears feel like they were splitting,her head started to hurt too. The islanders didnt seem afraid of the birdlike figure they danced around it and seemed to be familiar with it. Alicia was laughing and thought it was all an act she was impressed.

The End

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