That Odd Eerie Sound

  The odd sound really bothered Olivia although she was getting a glorious tan and was having an immensely good time. It was just the eerie feeling that they were being watched that never left her mind. Alicia was always so much more cheerful and fun then Olivia who took life so much more seriously. It fared well with Olivia to be this way in school but she struggled to connect with less intelligent people who thought life was all fun and games.

She always felt that her and her roomate were like Yin and Yang they seemed so different from eachother total opposites. They seemed to get along though and had been roomates for 3 yrs tops now. Pretty good track record she thought to herself.

It was time for the island group get together the resort enjoyed getting people together so they could form groups to socialize on the islands it just seemed more personable they said. Olivia was never a social butterfly but she knew Alicia would do fine in this group gettogether. It was scheduled for 8:00 that night.

The End

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