Someomes Watching

 The days dragged by and then finally they were all ready to go on thier trip. The excitement was thick in the air and Olivia had made sure she had everything she would need. Alicia had all her things and her affairs in order as she saw fit. She had asked her neighbor down the hall to watch over the apartment while they were gone.

The flight went as planned and everyone mostly slept all the way there. The accomodations were as great as they could be. The trip was actually rather brief. When they arrived they saw the most beautiful islands The water was a delicious blue and auquamarine it was georgeous they thought they were in paradise.

The resort was very accomadating and the food was heavenly,everything was so fresh. The girls went swimming in the waters and sunbathed religiously every day. The whole experience was breathtaking at best. The nights were also magical except for that faint screaming sound the girls sometimes heard late at night.

The people who ran the resort said it was just a new breed of bird new to the islands,as they would say this thier eyes just seemed to glaze over in a haze. This was very alarming to Olivia who was usually suspicious of what people said.

The End

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