The Trip

  The next day hit like a ton of bricks. Alicia had a major hangover and she was in no frame of mind to be even close to awake. Olivia told her at breakfast that she had drank way too many martinis and she would be feeling it for quite some time. Alicia had a hangover fixer of tomato juice and a raw egg in a glass. She soon was much better.

It was Saturday so she didnt have to worry about going into work today all she had to do was work on her documentary and hope that it passed inspection. She dedicated her whole day to these most Saturdays. There was a nice quiet to the day that seemed to be like a sigh of relief from the apartment that rent wouldnt be a nightmare anymore.

The rest of the day proved to be non eventful and sorta boring but surprisingly she liked it that way. Olivia and Alicia ordered in crablegs that night and had a nice Death by Chocolate dessert to top it off. "That was a great Saturday"

While Alicia slept she had a horrific nightmare of being stuck in a box and she felt a cold wetness around her and a dripping sound was heard she felt pain in her fingers and in the dream she raised her hands to her face to find her fingers were missing. She woke in a panic Olivia was quickly by her side and telling her it was just a dream she would be okay.

The End

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