Unbelievable Luck

  Dinner was very satisfying for them all. Alicia was holding the envelope in her hands. Everyone was poised around the table for the reveal. Alicia opened the envelope and read the contents."You have won a trip for 4 to the Virgin Islands and you have also won eighty thousand dollars, check is enclosed." Alicia was so happy she started jumping up and down, Olivia had to calm her down.

Darion jumped up and told Alicia"I must have a word with you in private" Soon they were in another room. Darion told Alicia that he was very happy she had won the sweepstakes and that he wished her much happiness he also informed her that he was an accountant for her dads law firm and that she had quite a bit more money than what she had just won. He told her she must keep this a secret and tell noone.

As happy as she was she also was vey agreeable and said she wouldnt tell anyone what he had just told her. Darion was pleased.

Alicia and Darion returned to the rest of her guests and continued the celebration of thier winnings. The plans were made to take time off from work and take this trip since each of them were happy to get away. There were 4 of them in the room yet Darion said he would rather not go on the trip since he had other commitments here at home. He didnt get away from New York too often.

Olivia was trying to look up people to ask if they would like to go some of her friends would be excited to have a vacation. She contacted friends and co-workers for some time. She ended up with one of her friends saying she could go and was thankful for the invite. Her name was Abbey and she didnt really have too many ties to New York yet since she had just moved there from Massachussets.

So now Alicia had her 4 people and they would all be spending the next two weeks getting ready for the trip.Alicia however was ready to cash in the winnings and enjoy the ride. She figured shed wait till Monday though since that would be smarter. As she walked around the table she saw her friends and realized that they all would be happy....or so she thought.

The End

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