Shadow Masters

This story is about 4 people on vacation they won a sweepstakes and a trip to the Virgin Islands and the story is about thier trip and the horror that befalls it there are twists and turns and surprising ending.

     The envelope came in the mail on Thursday but Olivia didnt want to open it till Friday. She stared at the envelope hoping that the news was good inside. The envelope had a familiar stamp on it that was some sweepstakes her roomate had entered recently. She always opened her roomates mail since her roomate Alicia was usually at her boyfriends and she needed for Olivia to keep track of the mail and bills while she was away.

 Olivia didnt think about the envelope anymore she just decided to let it go. She got a phonecall earlier that day that Alicia was waiting for an important letter in the mail and it should arrive in a few days. Olivia realized this must have been it.

The apartment needed cleaned so Olivia got right to it and she was very thorough since she knew Alicia and her boyfriend were coming there for dinner tonite. Olivia lit some scented candles and wiped off one last figurine and the place looked great. She was very proud of her work.

At around 5:30 the doorbell rang...

The man at the door was very distinguished looking and he wore a purple scarf. Olivia asked if she could help him and he said "Young lady i am looking for Alicia is she around by chance?"

Olivia told him that she should be along shortly since the time for them to have dinner was getting close. She invited him to come in and stay for dinner since there was plenty to go around. He accepted the offer and seated himself in the big orange chair near the kitchen.

Olivia went back to work setting the table and adding an extra plate for the mysterious gentleman who was to join them. It was nearing 6:00 and soon Alicia and her boyfriend would be home. The man introduced himself as Darion Coldwater and he said that he had a very important message for Alicia that had to be delivered personally. Olivia handed him his martini with a nervous hand since there was something very off about this man.

Darion drank his martini and was just starting on another when the door burst open and suddenly the room was filled with laughter and smiles and voices saying how hungry they were. "Im famished" Alicia said "What you got there Olivia?"  Olivia took Alicia into the kitchen and showed her the steak and potatoes meal she had cooked. "Mmm looks scrumptious" Alicia said.

Olivia couldnt help but notice that Alicia didnt seem at all concerned with the man sitting in the orange chair who was now sitting himself gingerly at the table. It seemed odd to Olivia that Alicia didnt seem a bit concerned. Darion intoduced himself to Alicias boyfriend and he seemed to have such a magnetic charm about him.

The 4 of them sat down to a lovely dinner full of laughter conversation and drinking of martinis. They talked about how great it would be to not have to work and to just have money and cars and big houses without ever having to do much to get all that.

 It all sounded great but they all knew that the fact remained that they would still be slaves to the daily grind.

The End

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