Chapter Two

"Who are you talking to?" Evelyn's father asked.

"No one," she said quickly.

Her dad looked at her strangely for about half a second but then he shrugged and left.

Victor reappeared. "Come now," he said.

She hesitated.

"What are you waiting for?" Victor asked impatiently.

"I just don't know if I should go with you. I just met you."

"No, you met me thousands of years ago. Please, Ellenoire, come with me."

"Okay, first off my name is Evelyn, not Ellenoire. Second, what will my parents think?"

"Fine, Evelyn. I will just kill your family and then they can't think anything."

"No, please don't. What about my friends?"

"Evelyn, we can figure this all out later. Now I need you to go before it's too late."

"When will it be too late?"

"At exactly midnight I will be dragged back to Romania by the Power."

"Midnight? Romania? Power? Isn't that just a little cliche?" Evelyn asked.

"Please?" Victor's eyes were pleading.

"Fine," Evelyn gave in. "How are we gonna get there?"

Victor grinned. He gripped her hand and turned into a bat.


The End

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