Shadow Man

The all too sweet but highly forbidden vampire/mortal love. But this isn't the typical story, the vampire and his sought mortal love have been lovers for centuries. Evelyn isn't all she seems to be...

"Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the exodos" said the vioce from the loud speaker.
Curtains open and the actors are dancing the last dance and singing the last song.
Applause is generously given, a standing ovation, and an encore is demanded, but there isn't a time for that.

"That was a good show wasn't it?" asked Mary the leading lady.
"Yes, you played a beautiul Isabella" said Evelyn, "But maybe next time you should work on keeping time with the other dancers. You almost ruined it."
"You're just jealous because you didn't get to star in the biggest production in Chicago."
"Now you know th...."
"Girls, girls behave! You're supposed to be sisters. Now act like it." said the director.
"Yes, daddy" they said in unison.
"Good, now get your things, we best be getting home soon, or your mother is going to have our heads."
They grabbed their coats and walked to the car. Just before Evelyn was about to get in, she saw someone staring at her from across the street. She looked to her sister and asked if she had saw him to.
"I don't know what you're talking about. There isn't anyone there!" said Mary
"But there was, I swear." replied Evelyn
"It isn't good to swear darling" said her father.
They got into the car and drove home. The whole time Evelyn was thinking about the strange but beautiful man she saw staring at her. When she gt home, she talked to her mother about the show and got ready for bed. Just as she was about to fall asleep she heard a tapping her her window.
"Who is it? who's there? Do you have any idea what time it is? Besides you shouldn't be tapping on little girls' windows at any time of the day." said Evelyn
"Oh but I beg to differ. You're 16, that's hardly a little girl." said a mysertious voice.
Evelyn spun around and laid her eyes on the most beautiful boy she has ever seen
"In fact, you're a young women now. a very lovely one at that."
Who are you? What are you doing in here? HOW did you get in here?''
"Well, that's easy. I came through the window. Now I know what you're going to say, "how, I was looking right at it." he said mockingly "The thing is I came in as a shadow."
"What are you talking about? 'Came in as a shadow' What are you some kind of freak?" she asked a little bit sarcastically.
"No, not a freak, a vampire. Now that I have answered you questions, you will answer some of mine."
"What a minute...."
"No, hush just listen. Do you still seek immortality and eternal love? Do you still wish that you could fly and do whatever you want? Do you still want your sister Mary do 'dissappear'? Oh, I beginning to sound like you" He said with a chuckle. "OK, go ahead answer my questions now."
"How'd you know I wanted all that." she said stunned
"Don't ask questions, answer mine. Please, I passed you're interrogation."
"OK, well, yes I'd still like to be immortal, eternal love still sounds good to me, I would love to fly and do whatever I want, and YES Please make Mary dissappear!"
"I can do all that and more, you just have to pass one little test...."
"What, what!? Anything."
"Sing this song for me"
He handed her a paper that looked to be hundreds of years old. She was hesitant to take it in fear of tearing it. "Take it." he ordered. As she looked a the tiny, little, amazingly perfect script, she began to realize that this was the song that she often heard playing at night, but never knowing where it came from.
"I know this song, it plays at night when I trying to sleep." she said.
"That doesn't surprize me, now please, sing." he replied.
Evelyn starts to sing in the most beautiful voice,surprizing herself because her voice was never this good till now.
"Ahhh, that's beautiful. I can't believe I've found you after so long."said Victor
"What do you mean 'found me after so long?" asked Evelyn
"You see my dear, you are the incarnation of my dead wife. She was murdered in the Vampyr Massacre of Europe, but now she has come back as you. The song proves it. It is her song, she sung it all the time, there is no mistake. Now come with me,we shall fly into the night and finally be together again." replied Victor
"OK Mr. Crazy man. I don't know who you are or why you've been stalking, or what ayslum you broke out of my I'm calling the police."
"No, please believe me. You ARE my long lost Ellenoire, I can prove it. I can tell you anything about you, about things no one else knows about, about things you don't even know about. Please just hear me out, I've waited so long to see you again, I refuse to lose you once more." said a desperate Victor
"Seeing the desperateness on his face, a face she could not resist because of the beauty and sincerity she saw in his beautiful green eyes. She agreed to a short interrogation, but if after five questions she wasn't convinced that he was anything but a crazy loon he would leave voluntarily or by force if it came to that.
"OK, give it a shot, convince I'm someone else." said a sceptical Evelyn
"You have a birth amrk on your inner thigh shaped like a tear drop as you say." he said with a hint of a smile.
"Anyone watching me like a stalker would know that." she replied
"Fine, you dream of kissing Daryl Conning at the Home coming dance. I should make note to scare him away considering he has a liking for you as well."
"How do you know that? And really? He likes me back?"
"Yes, the little creton likes you back, and I know this because as life mates , we know eachother's dreams."
"OK,so you surprized me with something not everyone would know, but still could find out by the way I look at him in school. Try again"
"I have three very convincing things that will send you right into my arms. One you love the taste of blood and are scared of that fact because you don't want people to think you're weird. Two, The reason you don't cry in front of anyone is because your tears have a redish tint to them, same reason you aviod sweating. Three right noe you're thinking about how I am cuter than Daryl even if I am a loony toon. Convinced yet?" Victor said in a rush.
"Wow, ummm, wow. This is strange. So I really am a vampire and you really are my soul mate?"
"No, life mate. You see as vampire we have no soul. But yes, you are a vampire and yes you are my one and only."
They heard a knocking on the door. Just as Victor turned into a mist, Evelyn's father walked in.
The End

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