Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Two

         I wake up thrashing on the cold floor. I look around. I'm not in the supernatural world anymore. I guess dad decided to let me stay at his mansion by my school out in Rochester. I get up and look at the clock. It's only three in the morning, which means another three and a half hours til I have to get up for school. I pull the blankets back up on the bed as I puzzle over the dream. It felt so real. But then again, even dreams about the supernatural can feel tangible in that sense of reality I shake my head as an attempt to clear it. Sleep is always elusive after any encounter with the supernatural, so I'm not even going to try to go back to sleep. Instead, I put on my orange silk robe and walk out of my room into the kitchen. I flip on the violet lights for low light in the kitchen so I can see what I'm doing. The light also helps dispel the lingering fear from that dream. I wish dad was here. Even though he's the Shadow Lord, he'd sti comfort me and help me figure it out. He'd come out of the living room with a book tucked under his arm and sit at the kitchen table while I made a coffee for him, black tea with milk and sugar for me. And then we'd talk about what was bothering me until I didn't feel bothered anymore. I start making coffee on hopes that he's here and he'll walk out of the living room and say what's wrong, Shadow Princess? And then I'd smile and tell him about the dream. I sit down while the coffee's brewing.

        The coffee maker dings, proclaiming that it's done. Dad isn't coming out of the living room, so he's not home. Guess he's at his castle. With a sigh, I reach up in the cabinet and get my favorite green mug. Out of habit, I grab dad's big red mug, too. I fill both up and set them on the kitchen table. It's too quiet in the house tonight. I usually enjoy the silence, but tonight it's just eerie. I get up and turn on the radio. Dad's favorite human cd is on, sounds of different beaches. The sound is very calming. I take a sip of my tea and then walk to dad's chair. Between the sound of waves crashing on a beach and the smell of dad that lingers in his chair, sleep miraculously finds me and I slip away into sleep's dark blanket.

The End

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