Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Fifty-Six

            “When the world was first formed, there was no barrier between the human world and our own. We freely traveled to the human world, and occasionally, we had visitors from theirs. Some of us were worshipped as gods. Others were feared and hated, though they all trembled in our presence.” He pauses, his heavy voice hanging eerily on the cooling air.

            “Most of the Old Ones were content with this relationship between us and the humans. But because not all of the fifteen were happy, we held a council. It was during this council that one of the Old Ones, a beautiful woman named Kendra, spoke out against the humans. She did not believe that such inferior creatures should be allowed to mingle with ghosts. She said that gods did not mingle with their worshippers on a daily basis, that we should create a barrier between our world and the human world.”

            The fire seems to crackle slower, deeper, and the light is dimmer. In the low light, I could start to make out Henki’s facial features through the blur. His cold black eyes ran across the group, a slight smile appearing on his thin lips as his gaze fell on me.

            “Falcon heard this and was deeply distressed, for he had fallen in love with a human woman named Persephone. Falcon left the council and went to warn her. He made plans to take her to the Shadow District so they could be together forever. But when he reached his lady love, his heart froze. He stood outside her home and watched in mute terror as the Hades Blade fell to the ground. He wept, for he could not bring himself to kill his pregnant love.”

            “The first Eidolon was part Shadow?” I ask in shock. “But I thought…”

            “I will answer all questions at the conclusion,” Henki gently admonishes.

            I blush and lean back as the fire dims down to the embers.

            “Persephone saw Falcon waiting outside. She pulled him in and expressed her joy at the coming child. While Falcon shared her joy, he also told her of his sorrow. He swore to Persephone that he would find a way for them to be together, regardless of the price. Though she implored him to reconsider, Falcon left the following morning to seek out Kendra.”

            “Once in Gahenna, he knelt at the foot of Kendra’s Throne of Souls and begged for a way to stay with Persephone and their unborn child. Kendra mocked him, stating that a union between ghost and human was taboo, and that any offspring from such a union would be considered an abomination. Humans were not meant to mix with ghosts, she reminded him.”

            “But what of the Hades Blade, Falcon wanted to know. It could be used to sever a soul from its body and allow the soul access to any dimension it wished. Could the blade not be used to attach a soul to a body, he questioned. Kendra laughed and said that if Falcon could find a way to reverse the effect of the Hades Blade and give himself a human body, then she would permit him to remain on earth with Persephone and they would have no troubles from her or any ghost from the supernatural side. She gave him two days to find a way to use the blade to bind himself to a human.”

            “Falcon searched for a human body that he could use. He knew he had to find a human that would willingly give up his life, else his new body would be damaged. The first day passed, and he found no such human. All humans fled from his presence and refused to help him. Falcon’s resolve grew stronger. He would do whatever it took in his remaining day to find a body. His searching on the second day took him to a small village in what is now southern Finland. It was nearing sundown when he felt the familiar feelings of despair. Fed by the emotions, he followed them, and was led to a youth tying a noose.”

            “Falcon watched as the youth found a sturdy branch. Falcon called for him to wait and spoke to the youth. He convinced the youth that he was real, and that he would not prevent him from taking his life if he so wished. Falcon held out the Hades Blade and explained its mystical property. The youth was enthralled and was fascinated with the prospect of becoming taking Falcon’s place among the Old Ones as the Shadow leader. Falcon handed the youth the Hades Blade and stood behind him. Before you die, Falcon asked, what will your name be?”

            “Spirit though I wish to be, and spirit so I shall become, the youth replied. Call me Henki.” Henki paused and clasped his hands behind his back as the coals burned a deep red.

            “And so Henki plunged the Hades Blade into his heart. He screamed in agony as his soul was shorn from his body. Falcon stepped forward and became human. In the bloody light of the dying sun stood Shadow and human. As thanks for his gift, Henki used his powers to send Falcon back to Persephone, then waited at their home for Kendra to arrive.”

            “Kendra appeared at midnight. The gloating smile on her face fell as she saw Falcon’s human body and the new Shadow beside him. You tricked me, she raged, ravaging the landscape in her anger. A body for a family, Falcon reminded her. A Shadow for a human. Kendra cursed him again, dooming their child to forever live between worlds, never fully at home on earth or supernatural side. After Kendra left, Henki returned their home to normal and thanked Falcon again for his great gift. Before he turned to go, he blessed the child, so that the Eidolon, and all others like him, could journey wherever they chose, not bound to one world.”

            “And with a final farewell, Henki left for the supernatural side and took up his new role in the Shadow District.”

The End

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