Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Fifty-Five

            “Let us hear a story,” Maisha’s voice rumbles across the warm room as everyone finished eating.

            “It is custom for a guest to tell the first story,” Kifo adds, her grey eyes resting on me.

            “I do not think the Shadow Princess has any stories,” Henki interjects. “At least none that we have not heard.”

            “So what do you suggest, old friend?” Maisha asks, leaning back and putting an arm around his wife’s shoulders.

            “I will tell a story,” Henki replies, his form flickering in the warm firelight.

            “A Shadow story?” Daemon asks. “But we have all heard those.”

            “Not all of them,” Henki says. “I think that this one will be a treat for everyone.”

            He stands, his shape seeming to grow as the warm light starts to become dimmer. “The tale I tell you is one that some may dismiss as fantasy. For even though we are creatures of legend and nightmare, there is still much that we do not know and do not understand.”

            He turns and looks slowly around the circle, his gaze falling on me last. Throughout our journey together, I have begun to see the features hidden in his shadowy face.

            “A tale about Falcon, the Missing Shadow,” he says, the flames brightening once more before fading back to a dull orange glow. “I trust this is not a tale you have heard before, Daemon?”

            Daemon shakes his head and leans back against the wall behind him, arms folded across his chest.

The End

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