Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Fifty

“Where do we go from here?” I ask, accepting Henki’s help to my feet.

            “Jahanamu,” the Shadow replies, critically eyeing my raw hands and wrists. “The sooner the better. Those will heal faster once you are out of here.”

            “Jahanamu?” I repeat. “I’ve never been there before. What’s it like?”

            “They are neutral,” Daemon replies, keeping an eye on the window. “There are four Old Ones there. Thy will help us so long as our presence does not force them to pick a side in the war. They are always neutral, a safe place for the displaced.”

            “It is also hot,” Henki adds. “The savannahs in Africa are the closest thing on the human world. And just as you are affected by the cold here, you will be affected by the heat there.”

            “Why is that?” I ask. “I thought ghosts and Eidolons weren’t affected by temperature.”

            Henki shrugs. “It is just how they were made. Jahanamu is the only hot dimension. That is one of the reasons that they are a haven. Many deceased humans have traveled there to seek sanctuary because it is similar to the world they left behind. It is unlike any other place you have ever been. While most of our world is dark and cruel, Jahanamu is one of the few places here that are warm and forgiving.”

            “The Old Ones there are two married couples that counterbalance each other perfectly. Maisha and Kifo are life and death, respectively. They have both been portrayed as different symbols over time and across different cultures. While your father rules the supernatural side, Maisha and Kifo hold the balance between the human world and ours. Maisha determines how many will be born, Kifo determines when they die. Maisha also can decide to save someone from his wife if Zuri or Mbaya have a purpose for them,” Daemon adds.

            “That’s really confusing,” I say after a second. It’s a lot to process, especially in my weakened state.

            Daemon smiles and I finally notice a difference between his smile and Wraith’s. “They can explain it better than I can. And they will once we have gotten thee from this frozen hell.”

The End

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