Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Thirty-One

Surprisingly enough, it was actually rather easy to get all the Shadows to and through the portal that leads to Sepulcrum, the second dimension. Before Kendra placed restrictions on who and what could go where in the supernatural side, Sepulcrum was a place for dead humans to make the transition from Shadow to ghost. From here, they would be free to journey through any dimension of the supernatural side, or even to Earth, as a ghost. Because Sepulcrum is the place where most of the ghosts reside, the Shadow Castle is here, which makes this the second most dangerous dimension for me to be in right now.

               I look around at the mountainous grey landscape. I actually do enjoy my time here, and I wish I didn’t have to hide from my dad while I’m here.

               “So this is where your dad really works?” Ryan asks as he steps behind me.

               My chest only slightly caves this time. “Yeah, it is.”

               “I would ask if it would kill them to hire a decorator, but it’s not as funny because they’re all dead. Being dead hasn’t really given me the chance to work on my jokes.”

               I shake my head and bite the inside of my lip before responding. “Ryan, what do you want?”

               He sighs. “I’m sorry. I should have told you that your dad told me about all of this. About what both of you are. It just took me by surprise, and I didn’t know how to react. That’s why I avoided you for about a week.”

               My vision starts blurring as I think back to that week. That was the worst thing that’s happened to me since my mom died.

               “But then I realized that I still loved you, despite all of that. You’re still my Nik, regardless of what you are,” he says softly, reaching for my hand.

               I pull it away and feel rejection and disappointment roll off of him.

               “So this is it, then?”

               “Ryan, what do you want me to say?” I ask, turning around to face him. “There isn’t anything else left! Even after Kendra’s gone and things are put back to normal here, there’s nothing left for you. Do you know the reason that Shadows are the most famous type of ghost? Because they’re the ones who go and suck the emotion out of everything and everyone. And even if you decide to stay here and transition from Shadow to ghost, you will never be able to feel emotion again. Only those that are born a ghost can feel.”

               “But that guy you’re always with died and he still has feelings for you.”

               I shake my head and look down. “Wraith is an Eidolon, like me. Half ghost, half human. His dad was a ghost, and his mom was an Eidolon. You’re dead, Ryan. There is no hope for you beyond this. Because after all of this is over, you’re just going to want to feed off of emotions and go and scare people on Earth for a few centuries. And unless you really enjoy doing that, you’ll make the transition from Shadow to ghost and stay here, where you’ll probably travel all over the supernatural side, or you’ll stay in the castle, but you will never be able to feel anything for me again.”

               I turn around and roughly wipe away tears and start walking away, leaving him standing there behind me, head hung down against his chest in defeat.

The End

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