Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Twenty-Eight

There are six dimension of the supernatural side before you reach Gahenna, the place specifically reserved for those who kill themselves or others, or violate the laws of nature. Gahenna is where Kendra is, and it’s also (I think) where she’s keeping my mom as punishment for marrying a human and having an Eidolon child. While my dad may be current ruler of the supernatural side, Kendra was the first ruler, and still has a large following of ghosts who disagree with the integration of human spirits into the hierarchy of the supernatural world. While rulers of the supernatural side cannot (obviously) die, they can be overthrown, or pulled back into whichever part of the supernatural side that they came from. The place that a spirit is formed has a strong tie on their existence, and as a spirit ages, they have a harder time existing outside of that dimension. That’s how Kendra was removed from power. My mother originally took over, but when it was found that a dead human could stay in any part of the supernatural side without being pulled anywhere after a millennia, she set out searching for a more permanent ruler to calm the ghosts after Kendra’s rein. My father had what humans refer to as the “second sight.” He’d always been able to see things that weren’t there, when the edges of the human and supernatural world touched. They met on All Hallows Eve in 1802. When my mother realized that he could see her without a glamour, she knew that he was the one. She explained everything about the supernatural side and the duties of the Shadow Lord. During the months it took for my dad to tie up his loose ends on Earth, they fell in love. With his permission, my mom planned his death. This was so the laws of nature wouldn’t count his death as a suicide. But the day that he was supposed to die, something went horribly wrong. One of the religious men in my dad’s town had been watching my parents very closely, and was convinced that my mom was a witch. Intending to kill the demon inside to free the woman, he tied her to a young stallion and dragged her through the town by her wrists. In order to save the woman he loved, my dad threw himself at the horse and was trampled. As the stallion went down over his body, my mom vanished and returned to the supernatural side to greet my dad’s spirit. Kendra and her guard were waiting, my dad’s spirit bound in chains, his wounds only just beginning to heal. My mom begged and pleaded for his release, but Kendra only laughed and said that his soul was hers, as he had purposefully killed himself in an attempt to save the life of a dead woman. The Council of Spirits, the ruling body in the absence of a Shadow Lord or Queen, ruled that because my dad acted in the interest of love, and that he sacrificed his life to save my mom and to bring peace to the supernatural side, his death could not be counted a suicide, and he was allowed to remain in whichever region of the supernatural side as suited him. He was then crowned Shadow Lord, and things went somewhat normal, except for the occasional poltergeist or extremely possessive spirit, until my mom found out she was pregnant with me.

               These were the things Wraith asked me to tell him, to see how much I could remember. He filled in the gaps of my memory. Because my dad made it to where I couldn’t barrier hop, I had to follow Wraith through in the hole that he created. I really hate using this as a means of travel, because it’s demeaning for someone who knows how to just (literally) step across dimensions. But I didn’t really have a choice, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

The End

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