Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Twenty-Six

I gasp as centuries of memories flood my mind. I’d forgotten so much. How did I forget this much? I’d forgotten almost three centuries of memories, from all the hair ribbons that my mom would painstakingly tie into my hair every day to some of our most treasured family traditions, like painting all our doors a pale shade of blue, a tradition from my father’s side of the family that was supposed to ward off spirits. The thought makes me laugh, and Wraith looks at me questioningly.

               “I remember everything,” I say softly, in awe. “I...I’m not even sure how I forgot this much. Lifetimes of memories.”

               Wraith smiles. “I am glad that I could help.” He now has dark circles beneath his eyes.

               “Are you okay?” I ask with concern.

               He nods and yawns. “Breaking through thy self-imposed amnesia required more energy than I thought it would.”

               “Like magic?”

               Wraith opens one eye and stares at me. “Really? Magic? All spirits have forms of power. Magic does not exist. What I did was merely step inside thy mind and release the information that was hidden. It is a very simple trick. As Shadow Princess, thy powers are much stronger, and thou art capable of so much more than I could even dream of doing.”

               “So what do I do now?” I ask, still marveling at everything that I’d forgotten.

               “Thou could remain in hiding according to thy father’s wishes, or thou couldst journey throughout the supernatural side and confront Kendra once and for all.”

               “I could reunite my parents,” I say softly, the idea quickly blossoming in my mind. “I could see my mom again!”

               A slight look of anxiety passes over Wraith’s face. “Dost thou think that thou art ready for such a trial? This would be no small undertaking, Princess. There will be many horrors that await thee, and many monsters that thou must confront.”

               “How do you know so much about finding Kendra in the supernatural side?” I ask, suddenly suspicious.

               “My mother is lost there, searching for my father. Sometimes I dream of her. Her journey is long still, and she hath been gone for many years.”

               My heart sinks. “I have to give up my humanity to stop my grandmother and save myself?”

               A wry grin touches Wraith’s lips. “No. Thou must come to terms with what thy truly art.”

I press my lips together in a thin line. Wraith is right. I’ve never been normal or human. And I never will be. I’m half ghost, an Eidolon Princess.

The End

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