Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Nineteen

I look down at myself. I'm translucent, like dad. Like Wraith. Like an eidolon. Shadows start grouping around me.

"Shadow Princess…"

"Shut up! Ryan, where are you? Come here!"

Shadows flinch and jerk back at the sound of anger in my voice. One steps forward. Ryan.

I step toward him and slap him. Hard. Instead of passing through him, my hand makes contact with a resounding and satisfying sound of flesh hitting flesh.

Ryan's face flashes through the blackness that is now his face, confused. "Nikki, what was that for?"

"I saw what happened before you died, you jerk! You cheated on me with Kendra! How could you? If only you knew what she really was!"

"But Nik…"

"Don't call me that anymore! I thought you loved me! Why'd you do that? Why'd you kiss her, Ryan? Why?" My anger gives way to tears. "Why?"

Ryan looks down. "Nik, I'm sorry I kissed Kendra. I'm sorry I cheated on you with her. I'm paying for it now, but I'm sorry."

Tears flow freely and I start sobbing. The temperature of the air rises and Wraith's arms are around me and once again, I am crying in his arms.

The End

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