Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Eighteen

                The vision fades away and I’m left sitting on Wraith’s couch with Kendra’s thumb pressed against my forehead.

                “See? He never really loved you or he wouldn’t have kissed me.”

                My cheeks are wet and I realize that they have been since I first saw Kendra lying on his bed. “You did some kind of mind control thing, that’s the only way he would’ve done something like that! You tricked him! I love him and you made him think I didn’t!” Tears start flowing freely down my cheeks.

                “There there now, it will all be okay, I have a way that you and Ryan can be together forever,” she says softly.

                “How?” I ask, part of my wanting to believe her.

                She pulls the glimmering copper out of her pocket. It still has Ryan’s blood on it. “All I have to do is kill you, and you two will be together forever.”

                Being with Ryan forever… No, something’s not right. If I told her to kill me, it’d be counted as suicide and I’d end up being in the throne of souls or worse…not something I want to do, but that’s what she wants me to do.

                “You don’t really have a choice, you know. I’m going to kill you anyway.”

                “No thee shall not, Kendra!”

Kendra and I both turn around and see Wraith standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Kendra laughs. "And what are you going to do to stop me?"

Wraith throws something and it hits her in the shoulder. She screams and squeezes her shoulder as she vaporizes. A silver stiletto clinks against the concrete floor. My silver stiletto. I turn around and look at Wraith.

I jump up and run to him. "You saved me!"

Wraith hugs me. "I apologize, Nikki. I should not have left thee alone."

"It's okay, Wraith. It wasn't your fault."

"But if I had not heard Kendra down here, thee would be dead."

"Let me see your hand," I say suddenly. He obediently holds out his right hand. A red burn mark in the shape of my stiletto is etched into his palm.

"Does it hurt?"

He shakes his head. "Nay. What hurts is the thought that thee might have been dead if I had not come when I had."

I look up into his green eyes, shining with pain and fear. "Wraith, you look scared."

He looks down and says something very softly to himself.

"What'd you say?"

Wraith looks back up into my eyes. "It is too soon after Ryan's death, I cannot say anything."

Oh. Oh! How did I not see this coming? "You like me, don't you?"

Wraith blushes. "I do have feelings for thee, yes."


"Please, do not let this ruin our friendship, Nikki. I will put my feelings for thee on hold until thou art ready to move on, or I can eradicate those feelings if it would make thee more comfortable."

A silent, but extremely loud OH MY GOSH is running through my head. Why does he like me? He can't like me! It's not right, not natural. Well, neither of us is really 'natural,' but that's beside the point. Do I like him? Of course…not. Not! I love Ryan. But Ryan kissed Kendra. But what if it was mind control? But what if it wasn't? I know Kendra would go that far, but what if he wanted to kiss her?

"Nikki?" Wraith asks in a concerned voice.

How could Ryan do this to me? I thought he loved me! So much for love. If that's love, I want none of it. If only I could see Ryan one more time and give him a piece of my mind…

"Nikki! Snap out of it!" Wraith yells, trying to get my attention. His green eyes haven't left my face. I can vaguely feel him yelling and trying to get my attention, but I can't pay attention to him. Then suddenly, everything gets freezing cold and grey.

The End

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