Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Sixteen

                “Kendra? As in the Kendra that hates every breath I take Kendra? The Kendra that I blew up at at school today? That Kendra?”

                Wraith nods, and then a dark cloud passes over his face. “How long hath this Kendra been around thee?”

                I shrug. “I don’t know, years.”

                Wraith’s green eyes get even darker. “If Kendra hath been stalking thee, then mayhap thou would have been safer with thy father.”

                “We’ll have to tell him, he’s looking in the wrong places for her.”

                Wraith nods. “Thy father must be warned. And now that thy father hath told thy school that thee shall not be in attendance for some time, Kendra shall be looking even harder for you.”

                “But when she hears that I’m out of school, she’ll immediately start searching the supernatural side because it’s close to my dad where he can protect me.”

                Wraith puts his hand on mine. “Nikki, thy father hath entrusted me to take care of thee, and that I shall do. Come, I need to get thee inside.”

                With a final look at the ruined picnic, I get up and follow Wraith back to the house, my last safe place on this side.

The End

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