Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Fifteen

                “I have a surprise for dinner,” Wraith announces as he walks back up from the basement.

                “Okay. And why don’t you use your powers when you’re here?”

                “Because I wish to know what it is like being a human. And does thee not wish to know what surprise I have planned?”

                I shake my head and smile. “I’ve never heard that one before. And what surprise did you have planned?”

                “Follow me.” Wraith smiles and walks out the charred remains of a back door. He walks through another section of jungle-like garden and underneath the outstretched arms of two ash trees. Underneath an emerald and sky canopy is a picnic set out on a blue-green blanket.

                “Wraith, this is beautiful! You did this?”

                He nods. “I thought that with all that thou hath gone through today, thee deserved something nice.”

                I hug him. “This is very sweet, thank you so much, Wraith.”

                He hugs me back tightly and then lets go. “Come, let us eat.”

                I smile and allow him to lead me to the blanket. I sit down and look up at the sky peeking through broad leaves.

                “Nikki, I was thinking…”

                “Don’t strain yourself.”

                Wraith smiles. “Very funny. But I was thinking about how thee said thou wished to watch Ryan’s death, and I do not think that would be wise.”

                I frown and reach for a bottle of water. “You’ve said that already, why are you saying it again?”

                “If she caused Ryan’s death, then she could reach thee through watching his death. She will be watching all channels that have to do with him.”

                “Wraith, what is her name? We can’t keep calling her ‘she’ or ‘her.’ I need a name.”

                “Thou does not know it?” he asks disbelievingly.

                “If I did, I wouldn’t be asking you for it.”

                He sighs. “Her name is Kendra.”

The End

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