Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Fourteen

                Just like earlier when Wraith first showed me his house, the human side of him is becoming more prominent. The human Wraith has black hair pulled back in a ponytail at the base of his neck. His dark green eyes with gold flecks seem out of place in translucent skin until that too fills in with a soft olive skin tone. He turns around and catches me watching him from over calculus homework that I’ve been pretending to do.

                “Distracted?” he asks with a smile.

                “Of course not. I just need help with a few of these,” I reply and look back down at my paper.

                Wraith walks across the kitchen to me and looks at my blank paper. “I see,” he laughs. “Thee needs help with all of them. Is calculus that hard?”

                I nod. “Yes. I don’t understand any of it.”

                Wraith smiles. “Well that makes two of us. I did not need to learn this mathematic when I was in school.”

                “How old are you really, Wraith?”

                He stares at the table. “Well, when eidolons have their coming of age, they freeze at that age. I will soon celebrate the eightieth anniversary of my eighteenth birthday.”

                I blink. “You’re ninety-eight?”

                He nods. “By human standards, yes. By supernatural standards, I am still eighteen.”

                “So if I am eidolon,” I begin.

                “Thou art.”

                “Then will I be sixteen forever?”

                Wraith shrugs. “Thou art not a normal eidolon. Thy father is Shadow Lord, therefore he is immortal, and thou art immortal also. And no matter what thy true age be, thee can choose to appear whatever age thy wishes.”

                “Dad never told me about that. How old is he really?”

                “Thy father appears to be in his late forties for appearances of having a teenage daughter, but thy father is truly one hundred and five.”

                One hundred and five? One hundred and five? “That old?”

                Wraith nods. I look back down at the homework that won’t be getting done anytime soon. A question suddenly pops into my head and makes me worried.

                “Wraith, how old am I really?”

                Wraith coughs. “Well…”

                “I’m not really sixteen?”

                Wraith looks up, piercing me with his dark green eyes. “I have already told thee too much about thy past and thyself. I should not say more.”

                “Wraith, please. How old am I really?”

                “Sixteen. I was merely making a joke.”

                I laugh hollowly. “Well don’t do that, you had me worried there for a minute.”

                Wraith smiles. “My apologies, Nikki. I only wished to make thee laugh.”

                I smile even though part of my mind wonders if he really was making a joke or being serious.

The End

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