Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Thirteen

                The sun is starting to set when Wraith and I leave. As we pull out of the long driveway, I look back up at the mansion, wondering if I’ll ever be able to see it again. After all, if she succeeds, the only place I’ll ever be able to call home again is my dad’s castle, and icy stone walls aren’t as comforting or familiar as the sun-warmed bricks in Rochester…

                Wraith is silent, too, wrapped up in his own thoughts like me. Tired of silence, I turn on the radio and let the fake voices break the silence.

                Wraith forces a small laugh that dies at his lips and turns to a cough. “This is what humans call ‘music?’”

                I shake my head. “No, this is what humans with taste call ‘noise.’ Real music is much better than this.”

                “And what is real music?”

                I smile. “What is it with you and the impossible to answer questions?”

                Wraith returns my smile as he navigates the broken driveway of his home. “My questions only seem impossible to answer if they are not properly thought over.”

                I shake my head and get out of the car. “Well in case you haven’t noticed, my brain shorted out sometime earlier today, and I’m not sure how to turn it back on.”

                Wraith walks to the back of the car and grabs my bag.

                I turn around. “No, let me carry it.”

                “Not at all, Nikki. Thou art a guest at my home, and I shall treat thee as such. Thou shalt not want for anything while staying with me.”

                I smile. Other than Ryan, I haven’t met a guy who’s treated me this good. Wraith leads the way to the door, which opens of its own accord as soon as he gets to it. He sets my pink and blue striped duffel bag in front of a door that seems to blend in with the wall on both sides of it.

                “Where does that go?”

                “The basement. Twas was not destroyed with the rest of the house, and tis where thy room is.”

                I nod and look up at the vaulted ceiling. The beauty of the painted night sky takes my breath away. Whoever the artist was caught the beauty of the desert night sky perfectly. Looking up at it reminds me of the night when I snuck out with Ryan and we were star watching all night…

It was the best first date and the most perfect first kiss.

The End

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