Shadow Lord's Daughter: Part Seven

Eidolon? Me? "What?" I say weakly.

"Tis something thy father never told thee, he did not wish for thee to know that thy mother was a ghost."

"A ghost?" I repeat softly.

Wraith nods. "Thy mother was the princess of the supernatural order before thy father became Shadow Lord. During one of the order meetings, thy father met thy mother and fell in love. It was hard not to fall in love with her. She was beautiful. You look exactly like her, Princess."

I look away from Wraith's suddenly too keen gaze.

"Thy parents were married, and soon thy mother found herself to be pregnant with thee. Thy father moved his young bride to the human side. The longer eidolons stay among humans, the more human they become. By the time thou was three, no one could tell that thy mother was not human. That was when it happened."

"It?" I ask.

Wraith looks at me sadly. "When She came for thou mother. What does thou remember about thy mother's death?"

I look down at the asphalt. "Not much. I was three. It was just mom and me. We were coloring together in my playroom when it suddenly got really cold, like as cold as the Shadow District is. Mom got worried, but she hid it with a smile. She told me to stay in here, that she'd be right back. She closed the door and locked it. I heard sounds of a struggle, and the smell of vanilla and roses. Dad came home a few moments later and heard me calling for mom. When I told him what happened, he got worried and then took me to the supernatural side to say goodbye." I look down. "She didn't recognize us when she passed." My voice cracks on the last sentence.

Wraith steps forward and hugs me. "That is because She did not want thy mother knowing who thee was. She did not want thy mother even meeting thy father."

"Who is this mysterious 'She' you keep talking about?"

Wraith sighs. "Remember when I told thee that thy past is dark and twisted?"

I nod.

"She is why. She is thy grandmother."

The End

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