Shadow Lord's Daughter

Nikki's dad is the Shadow Lord, ruler of everything supernatural. Nikki can walk through both sides, ours and the supernatural. One night, a shadow makes a deal with Nikki. A deal she doesn't remember making. The deal is carried out and Nikki's boyfriend, Ryan, is the shadow that carried it out. Ryan's dead and Nikki knows his accident wasn't natural. This is going to be her most dangerous walk through the supernatural side, but she has to find out who, or what, killed Ryan.

I'm lying on the ground. Where am I? I lack answers, and I hate not knowing. I look around. Everything here is grey or some shade of grey. As I sit up, I get this feeling of emptiness. I look up and see four huge portals hanging in the air, one at each cardinal point. I look around, searching for movement. Nothing moves under the bare, skeletal branches of the grey trees. The huge circles of swirling black and grey in the sky are the only movement here. Wait…how did I know they were portals? I slowly start to get to my feet. I hear laughter. I whip my head around, searching for the source.

"Who's there?"

Nothing. The laughter stops, leaving me with the mournful sound of wind rattling through dead grey branches. Okay, I'm starting to get freaked out, and I'm not a girl to get freaked put easily. I mean, it's been hard to freak me out ever since I found out my dad is the Shadow Lord, in control of every supernatural being. It's bad staying with him in his castle on the supernatural side, but it's really scary staying with him on Halloween. It's scary enough to make you want to give a sponge bath to the next fat, hairy guy you see with a huge, blissful smile on your face. I look around again. I've been traveling through the supernatural world since I was seven, and not all of those were holding daddy Shadow Lord's hand. The last time I was by myself on the supernatural side, well, I almost became one of my dad’s subjects. There was this savage animal ghost I’d been tracking, and I ran into Jack the Ripper’s ghost, and, well, it almost didn’t end too well for me. Thank goodness my dad had been nearby, or I would be just another ghost here.

And if you think the supernatural world is already dangerous enough, try being the beautiful, only daughter of the Shadow Lord. It makes any dangerous situation ten times as bad, like with Jack the Ripper. If I had been anyone else, he wouldn’t have gone through such great lengths to kill me. And he wouldn’t have tried to kill me three different times.

I look around again, hoping for some sign of something close to alive or at least color. I'll settle for color. No luck. I'm the only color around here. Maybe I should go gothic. But who's going to take a blonde gothic chick seriously? And besides, The Clique would never stand for it. I know that sounds shallow, but after always being around things as dark as the supernatural world, anything that can be a welcome escape is accepted with open arms and a smile.

The hair on the back of my neck is prickling, a sign that something here is watching me. I turn around, making a line in grey grass. All I see are shadows. Wait…there's no sun on the supernatural side, so there's no shadows unless…I'm dead unless I can get out of here. I suddenly realize where I am, the Shadow District, home of the Shadows. The Shadows feed on emotion. Most are evil, but a rare few aren't. The only bad thing is, you can't tell the difference until it's too late. But that's only if you're a normal human without any other senses beyond the usual five. But if you've got more than five senses, then you can tell which are friend or foe by the aura they give off.

The wind rises and gives off a new sound, a sound like a voice. The voice is deep, a male. But it sounds like a young male. I suddenly feel sad, and then just as quickly kill the emotion. I don't want to feed any Shadows today. But since Shadows are souls of people that are stuck between death and the supernatural barrier, the recently deceased, this young male is dead.

I take a step back as the voice gets louder.

"Can you help me?"


The voice gets louder and sadder. "Please? I helped you, now please, help me."

I take another step back, wondering if I still have the silver stiletto dad gave me tucked inside my leather boot. Silver can seriously injure anything on the supernatural side. "And how did you help me?"

A shadow detaches itself from the mass and steps closer. "All those memories you didn't want any more, I took those away. I took the pain away."

It’s not there. Where is it?

I take another step back. "What do you mean? I don't talk to Shadows about my pain and memories I want gone."

The Shadow reaches one black hand towards me. "But you talked to me all the time before I was a Shadow."

The voice sounds familiar. Whose voice is it?

"You're implying I knew who you were," I say cautiously, trying to buy enough time to find my stiletto.

The shadow cries out. "Nikki, I was your boyfriend."

My heart almost stops. "Ryan?"

I take another step back and fall down the cliff behind me. As I fall, the only thing I can hear is Ryan saying he's dead.

The End

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