The Other Worlds

I began to feel again, red light burnt through my eyelids and I wasn’t on the earthen forest floor anymore, it felt like pebbles. I began to see if my body was working, wiggling my fingers and toes, slowly stretching out my legs cautious of my surroundings. Where the hell was I? I felt a hand apply pressure to my neck to feel my pulse and then under my nose to check for breath. My eyelids began to flutter attempting to adjust to the strange light that was emanating from above, a silhouette was bent before me, and it let out a breath. “Thank god you’re okay! I’m so sorry this had to happen to you now, it wasn’t planned but something came up and you were there and I couldn’t stop it from happening…” he carried on rambling his conversation going round in circles as I attempted to sit up. “Xavier? What happened?” he stopped and looked at me. Exasperated he ran his hands through his hair clenching his fists, the white of his knuckles stretching his skin. I went towards him, cautiously, he seemed to be really worked up about this, whatever this was.

“Just then you were involved in a realm shift, like transporting dimensions between veils and doorways around the world. It was meant for just me but you were too close and I couldn’t move you out of the way in time and now you’re here!” he turned and looked at me his eyes piercing mine, they looked colder all of a sudden and I stepped back. What did he mean dimensions and realms… this wasn’t a fairy-tale this was real life. “I don’t understand” I looked around me, taking in the details of where I really was. The reddish haze came from above but I couldn’t see the actual sun. It came from an artificial light that shone as bright as the sun in a dome like shape which spread around for miles on end, the light appearing to bounce off the ground which though pebbled was made up of clumps of sand with what looked like diamonds were shining beneath. 

The End

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