I took off my white jacket, not the best for a day like today and Xavier’s eyes followed my movement. His eyes scanned my bare neck and arms; I couldn't help but feel self conscious, finally settling on my eyes he began to speak but stops as a sound fills the forest and the sleepy world around us. The sound grew louder, a noise like a thousand horses stampeding in one direction heading straight towards where we stand, but nothing comes our way. I duck down covering my ears, the pain of the noise making my ear drums beat in the same rhythm as my fast pacing heart. I looked up to see Xavier, copying my movements, but from the look in his eyes, the noise isn’t as loud, isn’t as frightening, as the one I can hear. I close my eyes against the stampeding noise, feeling faint from the suns blazing heat, my bare shoulders getting caught in the little sun that escapes through the forests high trees. I tilt my head back as dizziness engulfs my entire body. A faint ringing sound begins in my ears, as that sound stops. I take a deep breath, but it can’t get into my lungs, the air too hot and humid, I begin to see dark spots in my vision, blurring the edges of my sight. I try to stand and fight the fainting that’s about to happen, this can’t happen in front of Xavier. But it doesn’t work. The spots engulf my vision faster, my feet slip from under me and I fall, for what seems like an age, onto the forest floor. Where the hot, Saturday sun, bathes my face in a blistering white light, I allow the darkness to take me. I was gone from the real world.

The End

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