He put his arm ahead inviting me to walk on, leading the way I head towards the forest on the end of our little avenue. Maybe that would be more private. Xavier jumped ahead of me, making me stumble and fall into a patch of dried up grass, the thump of my body landing on the hard ground caused the air to fly out of me. “I’m so sorry are you okay, i didn’t mean to startle you!” he exclaimed, holding out a hand. I clasped mine on his, his skin warm and glowing under my pale, thin one. “No, its fine, you just caught me off guard.”

 We walked on to the edge of the forest, the high sun still bearing down on us, raising the heat. Further in, I stopped, not wanting to stray from the path, my dream still imprinted in the back of my mind. He smiles and leans in, his breath on the back of my neck, “So is this your general Saturday?” I turn, not expecting him to be so close that our noses touch, I grimace and smile trying to hide the irony of it all from myself, “Sure, ‘cause all my friends are just lining up at the door, waiting to hang out.” The sarcasm in my voice shocks him and he tries to hide it with a mere shake of his shaggy hair. “Sorry I didn’t mean to offend” his voice sounding so soothing it makes me shocked that he hasn’t still turned and ran away from me, from my snide remarks.

The End

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