The night’s and past day’s events passed by quickly as I rose to find mum in the kitchen, sober, with dark rings around her eyes. “Hey sweetie, shouldn’t you be at school?” I looked across the breakfast bar and reached for a slice of toast “It’s the weekend mum.” She looked up at me confused, her whole week passed by on wine and other alcohol beverages. I sighed and turned back towards the front room “Oh... ok, erm... Marcy, sorry hon.” I nod in reply and left to watch the morning news.

As the day progressed I showered and left the house to my mother’s own content. Strands of my hair blew in the soft, but stuffy, summer breeze and the sun reflected off my white jacket. The twins were in their garden playing bully with their little sister and the dog from number 28 barked a playful tune to its owner’s dismay. I stopped in my tracks as Xavier walked past, shocked I turned to the side hoping he didn’t see me, my hair tied back and my ripped jeans. “Hey Marcia” he smiled at me and once again the unusual blush crept into my cheeks. “Hey” I replied, shyness overwhelming my normally brave disposition. I looked down straightening my vest top and jacket, pulling hair into a tidier pony tail. “So, where’re you going on this sunny day?” his deep voice a whisper in my ear, “Just around and about.” A ghost of a smile forms on my lips. 

The End

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