The Dream

She stirred, “Mmmm, honey is that you?” her words slightly slurred, “It’s me mum, come on up to bed.” She stood, swaying slightly; I turned the lights off as we went through the house eventually heading up the long staircase. Once my mum had gone to sleep, I wondered into my room and began to put my PJs on, again reflecting on the day at school, still shocked at his embrace, his scent, his eyes and his smile. They just made my heart melt and I know that I will never forget him; even if he’s not mine. I closed my eyes and laid my head down on to my pillow, its fluffiness surrounding me; I brought my duvet up around my neck and fell asleep into a blissfulness of flittering hopes...

I woke with a start, breathing deeply, sweat dripping on my brow, the same dream. I got out of bed and ran to the bathroom locking the door behind me and listening for sounds of movement outside the door but only the sounds of my mum’s steady breathing came through. I splashed my face with water and looked at my reflection. The same dream. How could this be? It was always the same. Me and my dad sat, talking, at first. Then him telling me to run, run as far as I can because something’s after me. I turn and run through a deep forest on my own, then reach a dead end and hide behind an old twisted oak tree, breathing, deep and sharp breaths. I turn towards my follower and take a sharp intake of breath, his face is hidden and he looms over, his hands reaching towards me. I wake. Always in a sweat, always with that feeling that someone is watching me. I looked at my reflection again and went back to bed hoping to catch a few more hours of sleep before I have to deal with mum.

The End

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