The Dream

The water looked deep and inviting, I looked at my reflection, my icy purple eyes peered back at me and my short auburn hair streaked with pale blonde gleamed in the moonlight. Everyone found me unusual, my eyes scared them, all I had to do was stare and they back tracked and ran away. I smiled to myself and looked at the water, my hair in a bob, my eyes bright. I dived.  The water swallowed me whole. I resurfaced; hair slicked back, my bare body adjusting to the water. I stared into the darkness, the day’s events passed through my memory. I submerged myself in water again. What does it mean? Why would he say that? Did I have feelings for him? The answer to the last question was a yes, I liked him and only just after I’d met him. I slowly raised myself from our neighbours’ pool, they knew that I swam in there when I was upset or needed time myself and they just let me go in, though they didn’t know I swam bare. My mouth twitched at the thought of their instant shock if they caught me like this. I wrapped my towel dress around me and walked through the little gateway that leads from their house to mine. My cat Mosco came running, her jingling bell tinkling away with the crickets and the distant sound of thumping music and cars on the main roads. I tickled under her chin and picked her up, we entered the house, a wave of heat blasted me and Mosco jumped down and ran off.

Mum was cooking again, at this hour. I shook my head. Ever since dad had died she’d stay up late and cook whatever he used to eat, even if she didn’t like it. I smiled sadly and walked into the kitchen; she was sat around the breakfast bar, wine in hand, and head flat against the marble surface. Her hair was knotted into a bun with stray strands all over her face. I turned off the stove and shook her shoulders, today’s events at the back of my mind.

The End

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