Meeting Xavier Winters

We approached Madison Way as a car flew by and screeched to a stop. It was Luca and Frankie the evil twins of the school and Madison Way. Xavier raised his eyebrows at my instant reaction of fear and anger. I carried on walking with my head down and he followed beside me. I felt something grab my sleeve, I jumped and realised it was only him “What’s wrong with them two, you seem afraid?” he asked and leaned in, again, his breath was warm on my cheek. I took a deep breath inhaling his musky smell of outdoors and something exotic. “They’re just a bunch of bullies and terrorise all the kids on the block,” my voice cracked and I paused. “They’ve always hated me because I’m different.” I continued tears brimming with uncontrolled rage. Why was I spilling secrets to this guy? I only met him 5 hours ago. All of a sudden he hugged me, an embrace that I’d never felt before. He stroked my hair and smiled “Don’t worry.” I nodded, inhaling his scent. “I better go; my mum gets touchy if I’m late.”  He let go, nodded his goodbye and waved. I exhaled realising I’d been holding my breath and turned towards my house, cheeks flushed. That’d never happened before.

The End

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