Meeting Xavier Winters

I turned towards him hurt but impressed that he wanted to know. “Well,” I paused and stopped in the hall way, raising my eyebrows “Most people don’t like my eyes, or they don’t understand what I say or even most don’t like my hair. They think I’m a freak.” I stopped my rambling and smiled at him. He looked at my eyes with intensity; a burning sensation ran up my neck, I was blushing, again. I turned and carried on walking as he was about to ask more questions. I peered back he was smiling to himself, like he had heard a little inside joke. “So this is science, that’s English and the block outside is maths, history and geography. Languages are on the other side and PE is also in this building.” I said pointing to each location as we walked towards the school drive. I approached the exit as he lent in, I quickly turned. “Bye, see you tomorrow!” people yelled around me, his eyes peered into mine and he tilted towards me making me gasp. “Can I walk with you? I live near your house.” he stated and leaned back, everyone rushed by, most staring, others gaping, who would talk to her? “... Erm sure, I live up Madison Way.” I started to walk and I saw him nod and smile from the corner of my eye.

The End

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