Meeting Xavier Winters

Marcia Ward thinks she is a normal teenager and meets the new mystery boy, Xavier Winters in school but as they get to know each other she gets tangled up in his story of adventure and dark secrets. She is pulled in to a world of supernatural beings as she learns the truth about Xavier and her father's death. She must also conquer fear in order to defeat the Shadow Caster.

I looked out the school window and saw a car pull up to the reception. A new kid. Great, another student who won’t like me. I grimaced at the sun, turning my head back to the board, the door opened and he entered. His hair was shaggy and as black as the night sky; his eyes were a smoky, steely grey. The only seat free was one next to me; I bunched up towards the window as he approached my desk. “Hi, I’m Xavier, Xavier Winters.” he smiled, my heart fluttered, what was I thinking, the minute he looks into my eyes he’ll run away. “Hello, I’m Marcia Ward.” I replied and stared at him, he didn’t even flinch. I was shocked. He sat next to me, my skin warmed; I blushed as he looked in my direction. I’d never felt this way before. There were mutters and gossip spreading through the class room already. “You have very pretty eyes by the way, such an unusual colour!” he whispered as the class was asked to quieten down.  “Thank you” I blushed again. The school bell rang and I was asked to show Xavier around the school. He picked up his books and I packed my satchel with the encouragement that someone actually liked me.

“So, why does everyone seem to run away from you?” he asked.

The End

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