Incinerated Living

The next day she walked hand in hand with her father through the crowded shopping centre. It was a little overcast so she held the umbrella close. As they walked down putting items in the trolley a man walked past. He pushed her to the side as he walked close by. She looked to the man but stopped when she saw the red robe. ‘That’s the same uniform as the man.’ She thought then looked to her dad.

He was also looking to him. “Did that man hurt you Bea?”

“No. Dad was that…”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just pay and get home eh?” He said with a smile.

‘Dear dad always has a smile, even when that happened.’ She thought as they continued. She helped him pack then carry the stuff back to the mansion.

The horizon was red despite it only being the mid morning. He looked to his watch then frowned to see a little clearer.

“The house.” He whispered then ran forwards, holding Bea tightly by the hand. The whole mansion was aflame, wood crackled and glass shattered as the flames attacked the building. Bea watched with shock while her father thread his fingers through his hair. “I don’t believe it.” 

“Did they do this daddy? Was it them?”

“I don’t know honey.” He pulled her close then hugged her. As the flames danced it showed her shadow. It was holding the knife again but this time in a defensive position looking behind her.

“So she is alive? Should have checked first I guess.” A robed man said. The father turned then glared and held Bea close to his side, his hand tightly around her upper arm. The other one from the supermarket ran up with two others. “We need her dead. Don’t make it difficult for us.”

“Why?” The father asked.

“Because she is evil, pure evil.” He said. “Please, she will kill you if the chance is given. Let us stop her.”

“No.” A voice belonging to none of those present said.

“Come along Bea, we’ll get you somewhere safe.” The father said. As fire engines pulled up the robed men seemed to fade into the scenery and go invisible.

Only Bea saw this because she was looking at them. “Dad who said ‘No’ earlier?” She whispered.

“I’m not sure honey, just leave it for now.”  She nodded.

The End

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