Grim Awakenings

The girl woke in a pool of blood. She was on her side with the red liquid surrounding her. As she sat up and looked around her  body froze and her eyes widened. The man lay face first on the ground, his arm lifelessly reaching out.

“Honey are you here?” Her father’s voice called out.

She gasped and stood, her hand depressed into the blood, then ran up the stairs, her feet slipping on the liquid on the floor. Tears fell to the ground as she looked around. ‘Where’s my room? I can’t remember. Where am I now? Why was I there? What happened to the man?’ She thought hastily to herself then grabbed the banister and looked down. The man walked away into the kitchen still looking for her. Her whole body was tense, her breathing hard, and she couldn’t think straight. Eventually she remembered her room then ran, bloody footprints slowly becoming less obvious as she approached the end of the hall.

She sat in the en suite bathroom with the shower on. As the water soaked through her clothes and washed away the bloodstains she hugged her knees and cried silently. Her body shook, her mind raced through the events and questions. She held her head then closed her eyes and steadied her breathing. After a few minutes she began to get tired and slowly her head began to lower. The door opened, her eyes snapped open and her pupils enlarged.

“Honey are you in here? Oh the shower’s on. Are you having a shower?”

“I…” Her voice jammed, she couldn’t even form a syllable. ‘I didn’t kill him. I don’t think I did anyway. He’ll send me away for sure.’ She thought then hugged her knees and put her forehead against her knees.

“What are you doing? Are you okay? Have you hurt yourself?” The father asked in a panic then shut off the shower. He got a towel from the rack then put it over her head. “You’ll catch a cold like that silly.”

“But the body. The blood.”

“Ah it was bound to happen eventually.” He said as he rubbed her hair then got another towel and dried her legs. “Now come on and get changed. I’ll get you some lunch then clear that mess up.”

She looked at him then blinked. “You aren’t angry?”

“Not at all. Now get changed Bea.” He said firmly. She nodded then stood and walked out of the shower, dripping onto the carpet.

Bea sat on a chair, her legs swinging several feet off the floor. The father gave her a andwich with a side salad and crisps in a bowl.

“It’s all we have for now, we can go shopping tomorrow.” He said with a smile then took some cleaning stuff and a bucket of water before heading out of the kitchen.  

The End

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