Shadow Break

Set in a fantasy world, Shadow Break is the beginning of Alyx Morrow's transformation from simple tavern girl to a dangerous warrior of the shadows. It begins when her family visits to introduce a suitor who turns out to want more than just Alyx. On the run from the power hungry Baron Kenway, Alyx turns to her closest friend, Kaylee McConnel who turns out to be more than just a simple tavern girl herself.

The city of Sheerwall was under assault, but not by an innumerable enemy in disciplined order outside the walls besieging the city. No, it was by a more sinister, yet welcome, foe: the rain. The city was awash with a warm summer deluge that was striving to wash out entire streets in water. Through this mess and near wash-out conditions raced Alyx Morrow.

Alyx only slowed her pell-mell charge when she reached the door to her appartment building. She slid inside, dripping water everywhere over the wooden floors of the front room. She spent a moment wringing a small flash flood from her clothing before she proceeded to enter her appartment.

"Finally took a bath I see." Kaylee McConnel, Alyx's closest and oldest friend joked when she saw the state of Alyx who was still dripping wet.

"Yes I decided to take a swim in the Circle Fountain again." Alyx replied dryly. She moved into her bedroom and began stripping off her wet, heavy layers. Kaylee chuckled and returned to making supper.

"So what's for supper?" Alyx asked as she struggled to wrest off her boots.

"Got a beef stew about ready. You can thank Thomas for the beef." Kaylee answered, testing the stew.

Alyx paused, "Thomas was here?"

"Yeah, he stopped by to give us our pay and drop off a spare bit of beef he had at the inn."

Alyx resumed her slow progress towards shedding her clothes, "So what's our cut?

"Thirty-six crowns last count" Kaylee replied as she started to ladle out steaming hot stew into wooden bowls.

Alyx again stopped. Alyx and Kaylee's boss, Thomas, the owner of the Golden Dragon Inn was a fair boss and even knew Alyx's father from when they were young boys. Thomas also, rumored of-course, had a thing for Alyx and Kaylee which explained the spare beef.

"I'll have to remind myself to tell him thanks tomorrow." Alyx finished disrobing by practically ripping off her blouse. Now free of the soaking clothing, she gathered a simple robe that she loved to wear about the appartment. She joined Kaylee at the table where she was already enjoying the warmth of the stew. The pair enjoyed a companionable silence until Kaylee spoke.

"Your parents are coming to town again."

Alyx put down her spoon about half-way to her mouth, "Why?" She did't even care how Kaylee knew, she seemed to have a special way of simply knowing things.

"Take a wild guess," Kaylee told her with a knowing look.

Alyx immediately groaned and put her forehead to the table, "Another suitor?"

"Yes, another suitor."

"When will they learn that I'm not interested right now and don't care?"

"Your parents or men?" Kaylee asked pointedly.

Alyx lifted her head from the table and gave Kaylee a look, "Yes,"

"Good answer," Kaylee commented as she continued eating.

Alyx resumed eating as well, "When will they be here?"

"They said within the next three days."

"Oh joy, less than three days to prepare for another disaster."

Kaylee smirked, "Maybe this guy will be the one Alyx, the one to finally rescue you from my grasp."

"Oh stop sounding like my father." Alyx commanded. Alyx's father always joked after every failed suitor that Kaylee had cast some sort of spell on each suitor that made them fail. He said that one day, a suitor would come that would resist Kaylee's spell and would marry Alyx.

Kaylee laughed, "I know, but it's possible."

"That's what you said about the last three." Alyx said dryly.

Kaylee stopped laughing, "Okay, you have me there."

Alyx sighed and sat back in her chair, sliding down a few inches, "What do we do Kay?"

"What we've always done Lyx, fight through and survive."

The End

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