No idea. Haven't a clue where this is going.

I never saw her go. But then, she never saw me, either. No one ever did. I was always there, in the shadows, just another dark shape to be ignored. Brains made up stories to explain away my existence, and so the human race in general seemed to get on fine without me. But that suited me. That was how I wanted things to be.

If people started noticing me, things would get complicated. I wouldn’t be able to rely on my strange invisibility to protect me from the many dangers that lurked in all of the places I travelled, and so many things that I had achieved would no longer be possible.

Of course, reader, you must be confused by now. To be completely honest with you – which is not something that happens very often – I’d rather it stayed that way. But I have my orders, and like any good soldier I will obey them. And so I must tell you who I am.

I’m your imagination. I’m the thing you never see, but it’s always there, hovering on the edge of your consciousness. In effect, I am what you make me. I can exist alone, but what would be the point? No one can see me unless they believe I am there. So that is why sometimes I manipulate your consciousness, change the direction of your thoughts … soon enough, everyone will start to believe.

The End

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