Shadoe Rose: Part TwentyMature

                Selena screamed and thrashed on the wood floor of her living room, her arms raised above her as if fending off an attacker.

                “Selena! Selena, wake up!” Andrew cried as she screamed again and again.

                Loud footsteps ran down the stairs and Shaine was suddenly in the doorway. “What’s wrong with her?”

                “I don’t know,” Andrew answered, tears in his eyes. “She just fell to the floor and was laying there for a few seconds, and then started screaming! I don’t know what’s going on.”

                Shaine knelt next to his daughter, trying to wake her.

                Andrew looked around for something to try and help wake her up. His gaze fell on Shadoe’s open journal lying on the floor where Selena had dropped it when she fell. Written at the bottom of the page in jagged handwriting that looked like broken glass and sharp rocks was a name, Lucifer.

                Look to the bible on the shelf, a gentle yet strong voice whispered in his head.

                Andrew turned and looked at the bookshelf across the room, a book bound in worn brown leather catching his eye. Selena screamed again and he ran across the room and grabbed the bible. The cover opened and the pages flipped quickly, fanning back Andrew’s hair until they finally stopped on a page.

                He quickly scanned the page, not sure what to do, when he was suddenly drawn to a verse near the center of the page. “For the Lord has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, strength, and a sound mind,” he read quickly.   

                Selena momentarily stopped thrashing, and Andrew read the verse again, louder and slower. Selena stopped screaming and lay still on the floor.

                Shaine and Andrew looked at each other.

“Why’d you grab that book?” Shaine asked.

                Andrew shrugged and reluctantly closed it. “Just instinct, I guess. Is she going to be okay?” he asked, motioning toward Selena’s still form.

                Shaine shrugged. “We should probably get her to her bed. Can you carry her? I’m not as young as I used to be.”

                Andrew nodded and kneeled beside Selena, gently taking her into his arms. As he followed Shaine up the stairs to Selena’s room, Andrew couldn’t help but look back in wonder at the book that saved Selena from whatever had possessed her on the floor.


The End

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