Shadoe Rose: Part NineteenMature

                “So you are the daughter of Annika,” a smooth voice said, its rich cadence weaving through the warm air, painting pictures of seduction.

                Selena opened her eyes and looked toward the source of the voice. The man standing in front of her was tall and muscular, with olive skin, dark hair, and gleaming eyes that reminded her of a hungry wolf. He was flanked by two other men, one on each side. Or at least, they appeared to look like men. Their faces were hidden from Selena’s view by the heavy shadows, thick as ink.

                “I see that you will take more temptation than your mother before your offer yourself to me as your mother has done,” the man said thoughtfully as he walked closer.

                “Who are you?” Selena finally managed to say after several painful attempts.

                The man laughed, and Selena had the sudden, fleeting wish to make him laugh constantly, to make making him happy be her only desire.

                “Who am I?” he asked with a smile as he turned to the two men now standing behind him. “She wants to know who I am!”

                He said it as if it were a huge joke, and though Selena smiled as they all laughed, she suddenly felt uneasy.

                Don’t laugh with him, ignore what you think you want around him, a voice said in her head, cutting through the fog that the man’s laugh created.

                Selena tried to sit up, but the dark room around her began to spin and start turning red, so she laid back down on the ground.

                “I’m the person you’ve always dreamed of, Selena,” the man said as he walked closer to her until he was kneeling in front of her. “You don’t want anyone else but me. I’m the only one you want, my desires are your desires,” he whispered to her.

                She closed her eyes to try and block out his voice while searching for something else to hold on to while the magic in his voice spun a web around her, trying to get to her heart. “What do you want with me?” Selena asked through clenched teeth.

                “I want you to give me your entire heart, mind, body, and soul. I want you to be mine,” he answered, a challenge flashing deep in his eyes.

                Selena tried to shake her head, but was met with the room spinning again. “That’s not what I want,” she said after closing her eyes again, trying to stop her head from aching.

                “So that’s how it’s going to be,” he said softly, his voice suddenly becoming cold and cruel, and the challenge in his eyes turning from seduction to hatred. He stood quickly and snapped his fingers. The two men standing behind him stepped forward, their faces still veiled in shadow.

                “Open your eyes, Selena, and see what happens to those who deny my will,” he said softly, his voice like a gentle caress once again.

                Against her will, her eyes opened. The man was gone, and the two men were left standing in front of her. The one on the right stepped out of the shadows and Selena could finally see his entire body. His body looked like that of a normal human, yet slightly altered. It seemed thinner and more misshapen. His face was wrapped in bloody bandages that covered his entire head.

                As Selena’s mind was trying to process the sight in front of her, he reached up and began to unwind the bloody bandages. Thick blood dripped down his body and splashed to the ground, where small spots began to land on Selena. She quickly wiped her hand on her jeans, trying to get rid of the blood, but the harder she rubbed, the more there was on her skin.

                She looked up at the man in fear, and was paralyzed with fear as she saw his face. His skin was an ashy grey, with patches of skin gone, and gleaming white bone showing through his ragged skin. He only had one eye that glowed a bright, garish shade of red, while the other was gone and appeared to have been clawed out. There were still deep, bloody furrows around the space where his other eye should have been.

                He saw the fear on Selena’s face as she tried to scream, and grinned at her terror, revealing sharp, jagged yellow teeth with serrated edges and four long, thick fangs that jutted from his mouth. He stepped toward her, she finally found the strength and breath to scream as he leaned down over to kill her.

The End

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