Shadoe Rose: Part EighteenMature

“That’s similar to what my mom told me happened when she tried that,” Selena said quietly.

                “So you think maybe she was involved in the same thing Shadoe Rose was?” Andrew asked.

                Selena shrugged. “It’s possible. But if she was, then how’d she get the exact same results as Shadoe unless she found Charlotte’s book?”

                “I’m not sure. Your family just moved out here around two years ago, right?” Andrew asked.

                “My dad and I did, my mom moved back,” Selena answered. “She grew up here,” she answered as she saw Andrew’s quizzical expression.

                Andrew nodded. “And everyone knew about Rose Manor.”

                “So it’s a possibility that she could’ve gone up there one day and found Charlotte’s spell book,” she added. “And then my mom tries the spell, but doesn’t see my dad, she sees whoever or whatever Shadoe saw. But who or what was that?”

                Andrew shrugged. “I’m not saying I agree with you, but hypothetically, if we were to go on this ‘God versus Devil’ plan, then wouldn’t it be hypothetically correct to say that’s who your mom and Shadoe saw?”

                “Technically, nothing hypothetical is true in the sense you’re saying,” Selena said as she flipped a page in Shadoe’s journal. “But it is a possibility that they both saw the Devil.”

                Andrew nodded as she flipped another page. Selena scanned through the page. It was mainly drawings, with a small caption written near each one. There was also one thing writing at the bottom of the page, a name. As Selena looked at the jagged writing that was the exact opposite of Shadoe Rose’s smooth hand, there was a flash of black light, and she couldn’t remember anything else.

The End

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