Shadoe Rose: Part SeventeenMature

April 23, 1725


                I do not remember how I got to my bed, but my father tells me that he heard me screaming two nights ago, and when he found me in the dining room, I had fainted and was lying on the floor. My screams woke everyone in the manor, and not a soul knew what I had been doing. My father told me that I had asked where He had gone. My father was confused, and said that I had been alone, that no one had been with me. And when I inquired about the plate and goblet, he hushed me like a babe as he would if I were a small babe. I am told that I fainted again when Adrian, one of my other brothers, carried me to my chamber. I have also been told that I did not wake up until earlier this morning.

When I awoke, Dmitri and Christelle, Adrian’s twin, were standing vigil over me. Christelle told me that during my period of unconsciousness, I had been screaming and thrashing as though there was a war inside and over me. I smiled and told her that I had never felt better. And tis not a lie, I feel more whole, as though I was missing something and it has finally been filled in. It must be because of seeing my future husband night before last.

And though I remember naught else, I remember what He looked like and what He said to me. He was tall and built somewhat like Dmitri, but slightly more muscular. He was very handsome, with wavy raven locks and bright gold-blue eyes. His voice was strong, yet soft and loving. He asked for my heart, my mind, and my soul. The way He spoke made me immediately want to give Him all that He asked for and more. He smiled at my willingness, and then pressed His lips to mine. That is all that I can recall.

I wish to see Him again, but when I looked through Charlotte’s book, I could not find the spell again, and I remember not how to do it.

The End

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